Construction for future Interstate 49 between Interstate 220 in Shreveport and the Arkansas state line is proceeding well. Current work is underway from the state line south 9.6 miles to Louisiana 2 east of Hosston. At least one overpass north of Louisiana 168 is already complete. Planned interchanges for the new 9.6 mile section will be located at Louisiana 168, Mira-Myrtis Road, and Louisiana 2.

Looking southward at the future mainlines for Interstate 49. Photo taken 09/04/09.

Looking northward at the progress of the future interchange with Louisiana 168 and Interstate 49. Work is progressing nicely on the bridge abutments as well as the bridge supports for the future overpass that will carry Louisiana 168 traffic over Interstate 49. Photo taken 09/04/09.

Section A, which follows the future interstate from the state line south to the first interchange at Louisiana 168, should be completed by Spring 2010. Section C, which goes from the interchange with Mira-Myrtis Road and ending at Louisiana 2, will see its completion later this fall, if not Spring 2010 as well. The entire 9.6 mile stretch will not be complete however until the fall of 2010 when segment B will be completed. Due to an initial lack of funds, this section did not see construction until after its adjoining sections. But thanks to stimulus money construction is now underway.

The remaining segments (D through K) are at various right-of-way acquisition stages with the majority of right-of-way purchases for the interstate being completed in mid-winter 2010. Only two segments (J and K – from Louisiana 1 to Interstate 220) are currently not funded.

There is also a feasibility study currently underway to determine the implications of routing Interstate 49 within the city limits of Shreveport, connecting Interstate 49 at its current terminus with Interstate 20 with the proposed interchange with Interstate 220 on the northwest side of the city. This inner city connector is proposed to be 3.6 miles in length and provide a more direct route for motorists through the city of Shreveport.