California 84 South - West Sacramento to Livermore

Former California 84 - Jefferson Boulevard south
Starting in West Sacramento, southbound California 84 used to follow Jefferson Boulevard (the section of former California 84 within the West Sacramento city limits was legislatively relinquished to the city of West Sacramento in 2010). Underneath a series of ramps, California 84 approaches Business Loop I-80 (which is also signed as U.S. 50 and secretly known as Interstate 305). The first ramp connects to Business 80 west to San Francisco; the second ramp leads to Business 80 east. Note that the word "loop" is omitted from the business loop shield shown on this guide sign. A California 84 postmile is located beneath the sign. Photo taken 01/16/06.
A California Division of Highways concrete monument (popularly called a C Block) is located at the right of way on the southbound side of Jefferson Boulevard prior to the ramp to Business 80 west. Also present is a paddle showing the distinction between state and county maintenance. This C Block was likely placed when the former California 275 separation was built in 1954. Photo taken 01/16/06.
The next right turn connects Jefferson Boulevard south with Business Loop I-80 and U.S. 50 west to San Francisco. Photos taken 09/05/10.
To Interstate 5, use Business 80 and U.S. 50 east toward downtown Sacramento. Photo taken 01/16/06.
Passing under the transition ramp from California 275 west to Business 80 west, the next left turn is the transition ramp from California 84 south to California 275 east to the Tower Bridge Gateway, Tower Bridge, and Capitol Mall in Sacramento. Only the Tower Bridge and Capitol Mall are maintained by the state as part of California 275; the section in West Sacramento is locally maintained by the city. Photo taken 01/16/06.
After the Capitol Mall - Tower Bridge Gateway (California 275) left turn, the next traffic signal is the connection from southbound California 84 to eastbound Business 80 and U.S. 50 to Interstate 5 and California 99. Photo taken 01/16/06.
According to the bridge marking, the Route 50/84 separation structure was built in 1966, some 12 years after the California 275 structure was built in 1954. Photo taken 01/16/06.
Southbound Jefferson Boulevard connects with Business Loop I-80 and U.S. 50 (Capital City Freeway) east at this intersection. Photo taken 01/16/06.
California 84 south - Yolo-Solano Segment
Skipping ahead, southbound California 84 offers this view of the California 12 lift bridge over the Sacramento River just north of Rio Vista. Photo taken 01/18/03.
Southbound California 84 hugs the riverbank as it approaches California 12 in Rio Vista. Photo taken 01/18/03.
Southbound California 84 meets California 12 in Rio Vista. There is an interchange and grade separation between California 12 and California 84, but it is not designed for high speeds. Turning left here leads under California 12 to reach eastbound, while continuing straight ahead merges traffic onto westbound California 12. There are no end shields present; California 84 is unconstructed between California 12 and Interstate 580. Photos taken 01/18/03 and 08/12/02 by Trevor Carrier.

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