California 94 West - Boulevard to Tecate

California 94 west
California 94 west and Ribbonwood Road south at the interchange with Interstate 8. Here, southbound Ribbonwood Road meets Interstate 8 west to San Diego. Photo taken 03/12/05.
These Interstate 8 east/west trailblazers are posted along southbound Ribbonwood Road. Photo taken 03/12/05.
Southbound Ribbonwood Road picks up the California 94 designation and proceeds under Interstate 8. Photo taken 03/12/05.
The next left turn along California 94 west and Ribbonwood Road south links to Interstate 8 east to El Centro. Photo taken 11/10/12.
This "begin California 94 west" shield assembly was briefly found along California 94 west in the community of Boulevard south of the Interstate 8 interchange, and we got a picture of it before it was gone. By 2004, this begin shield was removed and has not been replaced as of 2009. Photo taken 08/99.

Westbound California 94 passes by Postmile 65.00, meaning it is 65 miles from here west to downtown San Diego via California 94. Photo taken 11/10/12.
With the removal of the begin California 94 sign, this trailblazer is the first California 94 shield along westbound. Ahead, California 94 will turn off Ribbonwood Road and turn west along with U.S. 80 in Boulevard. California 94 will then split from U.S. 80 west of Boulevard and proceed on its own toward Campo. Photo taken 11/10/12.
Westbound California 94 and southbound Ribbonwood Road approach Historic U.S. 80 in Boulevard. Turn left (east) on Old Highway 80 toward Bankhead Springs and Jacumba (eight miles). Turn right (west) on Old Highway 80 and California 94 toward Campo (12 miles) and Tecate. Photo taken 11/10/12.
The intersection between Ribbonwood Road and Old Highway 80 is signed as Old Highway 80 to the east and Highway 94 to the west. South of here, Jewel Valley Road proceeds south to provide ranch and local access before terminating just north of the international border. Photo taken 11/10/12.
California 94 (Historic U.S. 80) west
Now merged with Historic U.S. 80, this California 94 west trailblazer is posted along westbound Old Highway 80. The two routes will share alignment for a few miles, then separate at a fork in the road, with Old Highway 80 aiming northwest to proceed alongside Interstate 8 and California 94 turning southwest toward Campo and Tecate. Photo taken 11/10/12.
Buses and recreational vechicles are restricted along California 94 between Boulevard and Campo. Photo taken 11/10/12.
A California 94 shield is posted for the left turn for the continuation of the state route. Stay right for the continuation of Old Highway 80. Photo taken 11/10/12.
This mileage sign along California 94 and Historic U.S. 80 west points the way to Campo (14 miles via California 94 west) and Live Oak Springs (three miles via Old Highway 80 west) and San Diego (54 miles via Old Highway 80 and Interstate 8). Through traffic to San Diego via California 94 is discouraged by this sign even though both routes will provide connections to the San Diego metropolitan area. Photo taken 11/10/12.

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