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Delaware State Route 1 South
SR 1 formally enters the Milford city limits just beyond U.S. 113. Milford is the only incorporated city in Delaware to span two counties. Photo taken 01/16/17.
NE 10th Street intersects SR 1 (Milford Bypass) east from Milford High School and west of the Woods Haven neighborhood. Construction underway from February 2018 to August 2019 eliminates cross traffic at NE 10th Street with new right in right out (RIRO) connections. Photo taken 01/16/17.
South of NE 10th Street, SR 1 (Coastal Highway) intersects the eastern terminus of SR 14 (Front Street) and New Wharf Road. New Wharf Road loops east from SR 1 and 14 to New Wharf along Swan Creek, and northwest back to SR 1 (Bay Road) at Tubmill Pond. Photo taken 12/27/17.
A parclo A2 interchange will replace the at-grade intersection of SR 1 and 14 (NE Front Street). Until 1974, SR 1 south from Milford was a part of an extended SR 14. The renumbering left SR 14 on an east-west alignment between the Maryland state line, Harrington and Milford. Photo taken 12/27/17.
The Milford Bypass encircles the east side of the city to the Sussex County line. The 4.4 mile expressway opened after two years of construction in 1972. Photo taken 01/16/17.
SR 36 links the city of Milford with Slaughter Beach on Delaware Bay to the east and follows SE Front Street through Downtown Milford to the west. Photo taken 06/18/12.
The off-ramp to SR 36 departs SR 1 southbound at the Mispillion River crossing. Photo taken 12/27/17.
The Mispillion River represents the dividing line between Kent and Sussex Counties east from Milford to Delaware Bay. Photo taken 06/18/12.
A diamond interchange connects SR 1 (Coastal Highway) and SR 36 (Cedar Beach Road). A 23.28 mile long route, SR 36 straddles northern reaches of Sussex County along a mostly rural course west to Greenwood and Scotts Corner. Photo taken 12/27/17.
A freeway style mileage sign posted after SR 36 is the first to identify Ocean City as a control point for SR 1 south. Photo taken 12/27/17.
A folded diamond interchange joins SR 1 (Coastal Highway) next with Wilkins Road and SR 30 (Cedar Creek Road). Constructed between December 3, 2012 and early 2014, the exchange replaced an at-grade intersection with Wilkins and Cedar Neck Roads. Photo taken 12/27/17.
SR 1 Business returns to SR 1 at a wye interchange with Rehoboth Boulevard. SR 30 begins and extends Rehoboth Boulevard south to Cedar Branch Road. A remnant junction SR 30 shield here alludes to the previous RIRO connection with Wilkins Road west. Photo taken 12/27/17.
SR 30 travels 45 miles overall from Milford to Millsboro, Gumboro and Bacons in southwest Sussex County. Wilkins and Johnson Roads both lead west from the parallel state route to the unincorporated town of Lincoln. Photo taken 12/27/17.
Approaching the Wilkins Road overpass on SR 1 south. The grade separation project for SR 30 took place between December 2012 and July 2014. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Motorists depart SR 1 (Coastal Highway) south for adjacent SR 30 (Cedar Creek Road). The state route originally ended at SR 1 directly, but was relocated to end at SR 1 Business by the early 2000s. Photo taken 12/27/17.
A mileage sign references Milton (via SR 5 south) and Lewes (via U.S. 9 Business) after the SR 30 on-ramp. SR 1 reaches Rehoboth Beach in 21 miles. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Thompson Road ties into the west side of SR 1 as the old route of SR 30A west to SR 30. Photo taken 01/16/17.
SR 1 crosses Cedar Creek onto Slaughter Neck, where it bypasses the settlement of Argo Corners. Photo taken 12/27/17.
Slaughter Beach Road intersects the divided highway ahead of this reassurance marker. Photo taken 12/27/17.
South from Argo Corners, SR 1 travels 16 miles to Lewes (via U.S. 9) and 19 miles to Rehoboth Beach. Photo taken 12/27/17.
SR 1 curves eastward to overtake Argos Corner Road (former SR 14) ahead of this shield assembly. Photo taken 12/27/17.
Sylvan Acres Road east and Primehook Road west come together at SR 1 just north of Waples Pond. Primehook Road arcs northeast to intersect coastal roads to Prime Hook, Shorts and Fowler Beaches. Photo taken 12/27/17.
Crossing Waples Pond, SR 1 (Coastal Highway) next intersects the north end of SR 5 (Union Street Extension). Photo taken 12/27/17.
SR 5 angles south from SR 1 through the town of Milton. The rural route ends 19.48 miles to the south at Oak Orchard on Indian River Bay. Photo taken 12/27/17.
A mileage sign precedes the intersection with SR 5, 12 miles north of Rehoboth Beach and 30 miles from Ocean City, Maryland. Photo taken 06/18/12.
SR 1 turns more toward the east from SR 5 along western reaches of Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge. Photo taken 12/27/17.
Reassurance marker posted south of Deep Branch Road. Photo taken 12/27/17.
Approaching SR 16 (Broadkill Road) on SR 1 (Coastal Highway) south. Photo taken 12/27/17.
Advancing south to the Delaware Beaches from SR 16, SR 1 gradually transitions from a rural highway into a suburban arterial. Photo taken 12/27/17.
Entering the state west of Greenwood, SR 16 forms a multi-state route with MD 16. Within Delaware, SR 16 travels 30.31 miles through Greenwood, Ellendale and Milton. Broadkill Road continues SR 16 east from SR 1 to Broadkill Beach on Delaware Bay. Photo taken 12/27/17.
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2 photos
Construction scheduled to start in Summer 2020 will replace the intersection at SR 16 with a diamond interchange. Photos taken 12/27/17.
SR 1 southbound at Five Points. The name Five Points was derived from the five-way intersection created by the confluence of Coastal Highway, then SR 18 (U.S. 9), Plantation Road and Beaver Dam Road. Modifications over the years to the junction moved Plantation Road (SR 1D) and Beaver Dam Road (SR 23) away from SR 1, leaving a conventional, but busy intersection.
U.S. 9 east merges onto SR 1 south here as SR 404 ends. U.S. 9 Business ties in from Savannah Road and Lewes to the north. Connections from adjacent U.S. 9 west lead motorists to SR 23 south to Long Neck and SR 1D east to Midway. Photo taken 02/18/02.
U.S. 9 East Delaware Route 1 South
U.S. 9 east and SR 1 (Coastal Highway) share a 1.12 mile overlap from Five Points east to Kings Highway. U.S. 9 turns north in one mile to Lewes and the Cape May-Lewes Ferry to Cape May, New Jersey. Photo taken 06/18/12.
Delaware State Route 1 South
SR 1 (Coastal Highway) continues beyond U.S. 9 (Kings Highway) with six overall lanes and two bus lanes to Shuttle Road just west of Rehoboth Beach. Photo taken 06/18/12.
Retail fronts both sides of SR 1 (Coastal Highway) over the next several miles. Pictured here is the commercialized intersection with Postal Lane west and Melson Road east. Photo taken 06/18/12.
SR 1 shield assembly posted south of Postal Lane. Photo taken 06/18/12.
A short distance further south is the signalized intersection with an outlets center and additional retail. Photo taken 06/18/12.
SR 1 remains well signed along the commercial stretch of Coastal Highway. Photo taken 06/18/12.
SR 24 east and SR 1D south end at forthcoming John J. Williams Highway. SR 1D provides an alternate route to SR 1 from Five Points to Midway. Photo taken 06/18/12.
Traveling 40.61 miles overall, SR 24 travels southwest from SR 1 (Coastal Highway) to Millsboro and Laurel, ending as Maryland 348 east of Sharptown. Photo taken 06/18/12.
South from SR 24, SR 1 (Coastal Highway) intersects the entrance to Rehoboth Mall shopping center. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Old Landing Road stems south from SR 1 (Coastal Highway) by a series of subdivisions to Warrington Neck and Old Landing on Rehoboth Bay. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Miller Road north and Munchy Branch Road tie into SR 1 (Coastal Highway) at the succeeding southbound traffic light. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Camelot Drive spurs south from a commercialized intersection with SR 1 to an adjacent mobile home park. Photo taken 01/16/17.
A small guide sign advises motorists of the upcoming split of SR 1A (Rehoboth Avenue) from SR 1 (Coastal Highway). SR 1B (State Road) follows as an alternate route into Rehoboth Beach after the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal bridge. Photo taken 01/16/17.
The Tanger Outlet center lines SR 1 (Coastal Highway) across from the Sea Air Village community at this signal. Photo taken 01/16/17.
SR 1 (Coastal Highway) generally bypasses Rehoboth Beach to the west en route to Dewey Beach and Indian River Inlet. SR 1A acts as a business loop for the state route, taking an L-shaped alignment along Rehoboth Avenue east and Bayard Avenue south for 2.92 miles. Photo taken 01/16/17.
SR 1A (Rehoboth Avenue) branches east beyond the forthcoming intersection with Shuttle Road and Rehoboth Avenue Extension, an east side service road to Hebron Road. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Shuttle Road arcs south to connect SR 1 with Rehoboth Beach Country Club on Johnson Neck. Hebron Road stems north from the adjacent frontage road to Holland Neck. Photo taken 01/16/17.
A lane drop occurs for SR 1 beyond Shuttle Road as the left lane defaults onto SR 1A (Rehoboth Avenue) south. Photo taken 01/16/17.
SR 1A leads motorists east directly to the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk. The state route returns to SR 1 via King Charles Avenue in Dewey Beach.
SR 1B begins a 1.11-mile route along State Road north to SR 1A in 0.75 miles. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Two lanes depart SR 1 south for SR 1A east. SR 1A west defaults onto SR 1 north, with access to Coastal Highway southbound achieved via a branch of SR 1A along Rehoboth Beach Extension. Photo taken 06/18/12.
SR 1 (Coastal Highway) maintains four overall lanes from the split with SR 1A southward. Photo taken 01/16/17.
The outside shoulder of SR 1 south is open to bus traffic from SR 1A to the Washington Street turn-off for SR 1B north. Photo taken 01/16/17.
A J-turn set up joins Church Street with the north side of SR 1 (Coastal Highway) across from Phillips Street. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Approaching the bridge across Lewes and Rehoboth Canal, SR 1 sees a turn lane for Timberlake Trail, which provides return access to Coastal Highway northbound via Oyster House Road. Photo taken 01/16/17.
A pair of girder bridges carry the four lanes of SR 1 above Oyster House Road, waters of the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal, and SR 1B (Roosevelt Street). Photo taken 01/16/17.
The south branch of SR 1B loops below SR 1 along Roosevelt Street to make the connection with State Avenue north into Rehoboth Beach. Photo taken 01/16/17.
SR 1 briefly lines the Rehoboth Beach city limits between SR 1B (Washington Street) and Spring Lake Drive. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Spring Lake Drive intersects SR 1 at a traffic light across from Rehoboth Beach Plaza shopping center. Photo taken 01/16/17.
Advancing south of SR 1A (King Charles Avenue), SR 1 (Coastal Highway) intersects Saulsbury Street within the residential street grid of Dewey Beach. Photo taken 06/18/12.
Two blocks further, SR 1 intersects Bellevue Street at this traffic light. Photo taken 06/18/12.
Southbound SR 1 (Coastal Highway) at Read Street in Dewey Beach. Photo taken 06/18/12.
Just two blocks separate SR 1 south from the next signal at Dickinson Avenue. Photo taken 06/18/12.
SR 1 leaves the town of Dewey Beach for unincorporated Indian beach at Collins Avenue. Photo taken 06/18/12.
A handful of residential streets remain along SR 1 south through Indian Beach before Coastal Highway enters Delaware Seashore State Park. Bethany Beach lies south of the park in nine miles. Photo taken 06/18/12.
SR 1 enters a scenic and protected stretch of land between Rehoboth Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The four-lane divided highway runs 6.3 miles south through Delaware Seashore State Park. Photo taken 06/18/12.
New Road joins SR 1 with beach access along Rehoboth Bay. Photo taken 06/18/12.
Inlet Road forms a U-shaped road encircling Bottom Hills Drain south to the Indian River Coast Guard Station, Indian River Marina and the north access area to Indian River Inlet. Photo taken 06/18/12.
Inlet Road runs along the west side of SR 1 as the state route approaches the Charles W. Cullen Bridge over Indian River Inlet. Photo taken 06/18/12.
The 2,600 foot Charles W. Cullen Bridge spans Indian River Inlet. Photo taken 06/18/12.
The Indian River Inlet bridge replaced a twin steel girder bridge when it opened initially with two lanes on January 20, 2012. The remaining two lanes opened across the cable-stayed bridge on May 6, 2012. Photo taken 06/18/12.
Two 248 feet pylons anchor the Charles W. Cullen Bridge as it spans Indian River Inlet. The bridge was built with no supports in the extreme tidal currents below.1 Photo taken 06/18/12.
Work initially started on the new Indian River Inlet bridge in 2006, but complications with dirt approach ramps set back work two years, ultimately leading to the new cable stayed bridge design. Work on the $150-million span started in 2008.1 Photo taken 06/18/12.
A 12 foot wide pedestrian walkway lines the east side of the Charles W. Cullen Bridge, linking the adjacent day use area of Delaware Seashore State Park with the north side of the inlet. Photo taken 06/18/12.
Turn Point Road ties into the south end of the Charles W. Cullen Bridge from the day use area and campground of Delaware Seashore State park. Photo taken 06/18/12.
SR 1 (Coastal Highway) continues south to leave Delaware Seashore State Park at the Tower Shores community east of Beach Cove. Photo taken 06/18/12.
3R'S Road connects SR 1 with a beach access east along the Atlantic side of the peninsula ahead of Tower Shores. Photo taken 06/18/12.
A crossover joins the north and southbound lanes of SR 1 at the Gulls Nest community south of Beach Cove. There are no signals on this stretch and cross traffic is otherwise limited. Photo taken 06/18/12.
The narrow strip of land east of Indian River Bay gives way to higher ground at Cedar Neck. SR 1 approaches Bethany Beach at the traffic light with Fred Hudson Road. Fenwick Island lies six miles ahead as the final Delaware beach community before the state line. Photo taken 06/18/12.
Fred Hudson Road leads inland from SR 1 (Coastal Highway) to Cedar Neck Road. Photo taken 06/18/12.
Seabreak and Sussex Shores lie east of Salt Point and north of Bethany Beach over the next mile of SR 1 south. Photo taken 06/18/12.
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2 photos
SR 1 veers westward from Pennsylvania Avenue and enters the town of Bethany Beach. Photos taken 06/18/12.
Southbound SR 1 (Coastal Highway) at SR 26 (Garfield Parkway) west to Ocean View and Dagsboro and east to the Bethany Beach boardwalk. SR 26 comprises one of two inland routes from the south Sussex beaches to U.S. 113 and points west of Indian River and Rehoboth Bays. Photo taken 06/18/12.
SR 1 transitions into Maryland 528 south at 146th Street through north Ocean City. The 9.04-mile route runs the length of Ocean City, linking the resort area with inland locales via Maryland 90 (Ocean City Expressway) and U.S. 50 west. Photo taken 01/16/17.

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  • 01/16/17 by AARoads.
  • 12/27/17 by AARoads.

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