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Interstate 485 Inner
Interstate 485 travels northwest through the multi level interchange with I-77 one mile ahead of NC 49 (Exit 1). NC 49 (S Tryon Street) travels south from central Charlotte to meet I-485 near the Yorkwood neighborhood. 07/11/05
An auxiliary lane joins I-485 inner between the exchange with I-77 (Exit 67) and NC 49 (Exit 1). 09/16/21
NC 49 follows S Tryon Street from Downtown Charlotte into the southwest suburbs, meeting I-485 at a commercialized interchange. 09/16/21
Motorists depart for NC 49 (S Tryon Street). The state route continues southwest from Exit 1 to Lake Wylie, South Carolina becoming SC 49. 09/16/21
NC 49 spans the Charlotte beltway on the one mile approach to Arrowood Road (Exit 3). 09/16/21
Arrowood Road extends west from the Starmount neighborhood to meet I-485 at a diamond interchange (Exit 3) near Whitehall Park Drive business park complex. 09/16/21
Brown-Grier Road overtakes Arrowood Road west of I-485 to NC 160 (Steele Creek Road). 09/16/21
One mile away from NC 160 (Steel Creek Road) along Interstate 485 inner. NC 160 extends south to become S.C. 160 en route to I-77 and Fort Mill. 09/16/21
Drivers pass by this stand alone shield assembly for Interstate 485 inner beyond the entrance ramp from Arrowood Road (Exit 3). 09/16/21
The Sandy Porter Road underpass precedes the departure for Exit 4 to NC 160 (Steel Creek Road). 09/16/21
NC 160 follows Steel Creek Road north to West Boulevard (Exit 6) on the southern periphery of Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT). Traveling south, NC 160 continues along Steel Creek Road between several subdivisions to the state line. 09/16/21
Shopton Road crosses over the Charlotte beltway ahead of this confirming marker. West Boulevard ties into I-485 next. 09/23/14
A later interchange addition to the beltway, West Boulevard joins Interstate 485 with NC 160 in one half mile. 09/23/14
West Boulevard connects with NC 160 east of I-485, and the two extend into the Wilmore neighborhood near Downtown Charlotte. Garrison Road spurs southwest from the diamond interchange at Exit 6. 09/16/21
This reassurance marker stands ahead of Dixie River Road as the Charlotte beltway runs along the west side of Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT). 09/16/21
Interstate 485 inner meets U.S. 29/74 at a folded diamond interchange (Exit 9) ahead of the systems exchange with I-85. U.S. 29/74 links the beltway directly with Downtown Charlotte while I-85 bypasses it to the north. 09/16/21
Walkers Ferry Road passes over Interstate 485 one mile ahead of Exit 9 to U.S. 29/74 (Wilkinson Boulevard). The U.S. highways join the Charlotte beltway with both CLT Airport to the east and Downtown Gastonia to the west. 09/16/21
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2 photos
U.S. 29/74 follow Wilkinson Boulevard along a commercial corridor between Gastonia and Charlotte. Wilkinson Boulevard ties into Interstate 277 west of the Charlotte central business district. 09/16/21
A single ramp leaves for Exit 9 to U.S. 29/74 (Wilkinson Boulevard). An auxiliary lane extends to the upcoming departure to Interstate 85 (Exit 10) for Greensboro and Spartanburg, South Carolina. 09/16/21
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2 photos
Josh Birmingham Parkway leads south from U.S. 29/74 (Wilkinson Boulevard) to CLT Airport 1.5 miles to the east of I-485. Downtown Gastonia lies 14.4 miles to the west. 09/16/21
Traffic leaves Interstate 485 in unison for I-85 north to Concord and Greensboro and south to Kings Mountain and Spartanburg. Overall, I-85 travels on a 666 mile course between Montgomery, Alabama and Petersburg, Virginia. 09/23/14
Spanning U.S. 29/74 (Wilkinson Boulevard), a collector distributor roadway extends north to the ramps with I-85. 09/23/14
Exit 10A leads motorists to Interstate 85 and the northern neighborhoods of the Queen City. The freeway passes north Downtown en route to Salisbury and High Point. 09/23/14
Passing under the I-85 mainline, Exit 10B departs I-485 for I-85 south to Gastonia and Upstate South Carolina. 09/23/14
Passing under the I-85 mainline, motorists depart for I-85 south (Exit 10B) to Gastonia and Upstate South Carolina. 09/23/14
Interstate 485 proceeds north from the exchange with I-85 to meet Moores Chapel Road at Exit 12. 01/17/19
Motorists pass under the Wildlife Road over crossing en route to Moores Chapel Road. 01/17/19
Interstate 485 reaches the dumbbell interchange (Exit 12) with Moores Chapel Road. Moores Chapel Road travels west and south to U.S. 29/74 at the Catawba River and east to NC 27 (Freedom Drive) at Paw Creek. 01/17/19
A folded diamond interchange (Exit 14) joins I-485 with NC 27 (Freedom Drive) in 0.75 miles. NC 27 overall travels 197 miles, connecting Charlotte with Toluca and Benson. 01/17/19
This marker stands along Interstate 485 inner north of Exit 12 (Moores Chapel Road). 09/23/14
Locally, NC 27 (Mount Holly Road) extends southeast from I-485 to the Paw Creek neighborhood and west to Mount Holly. The state route overtakes Freedom Drive southeast of Paw Creek to the systems exchange with I-77 and I-277 west of Downtown Charlotte. 09/23/14
Subdivisions line either side of Interstate 485 on its northeast course to NC 16 (Brookshire Boulevard). 01/17/19
Traffic along I-485 spans Long Creek one mile out from NC 16 (Exit 16). NC 16 overlays Brookshire Boulevard from a trumpet interchange at Lucia southeast into Charlotte. The state route ties directly into the northern arc of the I-277 loop around Downtown. 01/17/19
A ramp departs for NC 16 (Brookshire Boulevard) 1.75 miles ahead of Oakdale Road (Exit 18). NC 16 continues northwest from the Charlotte beltway along an expressway-like facility to Newton and Conover. 01/17/19
Descending to Brookshire Boulevard from Interstate 485. NC 16 totals 155 miles between Waxhaw to the southwest of Monroe and Virginia Route 16 near Grassy Creek. 06/01/07
This confirming marker stands 16 miles from the beginning point of the Charlotte beltway. 01/17/19
A dumbbell interchange (Exit 18) joins Oakdale Road with Interstate 485 0.75 miles ahead. The exit opened to traffic January 2017 as a reliever to nearby NC 16.1 01/17/19
Oakdale Road begins at Mount Holly-Huntersville Road immediately north of I-485, and stems southeast along a 4.4 mile course to end at NC 16 (Brookshire Boulevard). 01/17/19
Interstate 485 and the Charlotte beltway continue northeast beyond Oakdale Road (Exit 18) toward the Wedgewood neighborhood and a second exchange with Interstate 77. 01/17/19
Interstate 485 straddles Long Creek on the 1.5 mile approach to NC 24 (W.T. Harris Boulevard). 01/17/19
NC 24 was extended one mile west along Harris Boulevard to Interstate 485 when the freeway opened in 2008. The state route travels 279 miles overall between I-485 and U.S. 70 near Morehead City. 01/17/19
Traffic leaves for NC 24 (W.T. Harris Boulevard) along I-485. NC 24 east serves a bevy of retail establishments, including Northlake Mall, on the 1.25 mile stretch between I-485 and I-77. The ensuing exit along the freeway is the systems exchange with I-77. 01/17/19
All traffic to Interstate 77 (Exits 23A-B) departs the Charlotte beltway in unison beyond the Northlake Center Parkway overpass. I-77 travels south to Downtown Charlotte and Rock Hill and north to Monroeville and Statesville. NC 115 parallels I-77 to the east, crossing I-485 in 1.5 miles. 01/17/19
An auxiliary lane joins I-485 east between NC 24 (Harris Boulevard) and Exit 23. 01/17/19
Passing beneath Northlake Centre Parkway, a two lane ramp separates for Interstate 77 north to Huntersville and south through Charlotte along I-485. Motorists bound for NC 115 (Old Statesville Road) depart in one mile. 01/17/19
A distributor ramp leads from I-485 inner to I-77 south to Charlotte and north to Huntersville and Statesville. Huntersville is a large suburb of Charlotte while Statesville represents the crossroads with Interstate 40. 12/13/08


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