NC 540 north at NC 885 in Morrisville.

The Triangle Expressway (TriEx) branches north from NC 540 along NC 885 to Interstate 885 (Durham Freeway) at I-40 in Research Triangle Park. NC 540 continues northeast along the Western Wake Expressway to become I-540 at I-40. 12/16/22

Interstate 97 north at Farm Road in Crownsville, MD.

The first shield for Interstate 97 north precedes the Farm Road overpass at Crownsville, Maryland. 12/21/22

I-395 south at Maine Avenue SW in Washington, DC.

Had Interstate 695 along the Southwest Freeway been built in Washington, it would have branched northward from I-395 at Exit 4 A to Maine Avenue SW. 12/27/22

Finally finished going through the photos from the recent trip to New York and New England covering Interstate Highway end points. Plenty more in the queue going back to December and Fall 2022, so will be updating various pages across the system next.

Interstate 66 – added three photos of the west end from I-81 south and added a photo along the Potomac River Freeway in Washington, D.C.

Interstate 85 – replaced four photos of the north end from 2012.

Interstate 97 – finally replacing 2010 photos covering the north end. Also replaced 2016 and 2019 photos at the south end near Annapolis, Maryland.

Interstate 195 Virginia – replaced five photos from I-64/95 north at I-195.

Interstate 295 Washington, DC – added two photos of the south end and three of the north end.

Interstate 395 Baltimore, Maryland – replaced 2001, 2010 and 2012 photos covering both ends.

Interstate 595 Maryland – replaced photos from both directions of U.S. 50/301 at the east end at Annapolis and westbound at the Capital Beltway.

Interstate 695 Baltimore, Maryland – replaced two photos and added five more at the western junction with I-95 at Arbutus.

Interstate 695 Washington, DC – still signed despite the approval from AASHTO in 2020 to renumber it as an extension of I-395, added five photos covering the west end at the Center Leg Freeway.

Interstate 885 North Carolina – had the opportunity to drive the new route northbound on 12/16/22 and southbound on 12/27/22, so covered both ends with this update.