I-785 south / I-840 east sign assembly posted after U.S. 29 in Greensboro, NC

The first confirming markers for the I-785/840 overlap south stands between the exchange with U.S. 29 and the McKnight Mill Road overpass in Greensboro, North Carolina. 10/12/23

Interstate 240 North Carolina – replaced five photos at the east end (12/30, 12/31/23).

Interstate 240 Oklahoma – the beltway concept extending IH 240 east along IH 40, the Kickapoo Turnpike, IH 44 (Turner Turnpike) and the Kilpatrick Turnpike was dropped. Instead IH 240 will extend west over SH 152 from a new overlap with IH 44 to the end of the John Kilpatrick Turnpike in southwest Oklahoma City. AASHTO approved designating the Kilpatrick Turnpike as Interstate 344 and the Kickapoo Turnpike as Interstate 335 at the Fall 2023 Meeting.

Interstate 335 Oklahoma – created page

Interstate 440 North Carolina – added two photos and replaced another covering the west end at Cary and Raleigh from U.S. 1/64 northbound (10/12/23). The preferred alternative for the upgrade of the cloverleaf interchange joining I-40, U.S. 1/64 and the west of I-440 is a partial turbine interchange. Construction on the I-40/I-440 Interchange & I-40 Widening project anticipated to start in 2027.

Interstate 540 North Carolina – added three photos at the west end showing new signage added along I-40 west in 2022. Construction on Phase 1 of the Triangle Expressway (TriEx) Extension, extending NC 540 east from NC 55 Bypass to I-40/42, is expected to be complete this Spring. Design-build contracts for Phase 2, lengthening NC 540 north from I-40/42 to I-87/U.S. 64, were awarded in Fall 2023.

Interstate 840 North Carolina – updated coverage of the east end showing sign changes made following the January 23, 2023 completion of the Greensboro Urban Loop (10/12/23).

Interstate 285 North Carolina – added/replaced five photos at the north end in Winston-Salem (12/30, 12/31/23).

Interstate 485 North Carolina – replaced four photos at the west junction with I-85 showing sign replacements (01/02/24).

Interstate 685 North Carolina – created page for the proposed route serving the Carolina Core region between Dunn and Greensboro.

Interstate 785 North Carolina – added/replaced 11 photos at the south end and ten photos at the north end reflecting the completion of I-840 along the Greensbor0 Urban Loop (10/12/23).

Interstate 885 North Carolina – added five photos covering the south end from NC 885 (TriEx) north and replaced six photos at the north end (10/12/23).

Inset for Eugene and Springfield on the 1968 Oregon Official Highway Map

Interstate 105 spurring west into Eugene on the 1968 Oregon Official Highway Map