SR 1 (Glenn Highway) south ahead of Muldoon Road in Anchorage, AK

I-A1/SR 1 is a freeway southwest from I-A4/SR 3 in Gateway to Anchorage. 07/31/23

SR 2 (Richardson Highway) south at Lakeview Drive in Fairbanks, Alaska

I-A2/SR 2 varies between a limited and controlled access expressway east from I-A4/SR 3 in Fairbanks to Eielson Air Force Base south of Moose Creek. 07/30/23

Added pages covering each of the four unsigned Alaska Interstate Highways. Previously the four were profiled on just one Alaska Interstates page. The original page remains, with previous research for the Alaska Interstate System based upon American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) documentation.

With full coverage of all end points, decided to each Interstate onto individual pages. Also added some historical information with research from Newsbank and Newspapers dot com, and added average annual daily traffic (AADT) stats from Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities GIS.

SR 3 (Parks Highway) north at Trunk Road in Gateway, Alaska

I-A4/SR 3 follows a freeway west from I-A1/SR 1 to the city of Wasilla. I-A4 also follows Mitchell Expressway from College to Fairbanks. 07/22/23