Continued going through photos from the trip two weeks ago to Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, etc. with this week’s site updates.

Overhauled pages for Interstate 240 and I-440 in Tennessee, both of which were some of the oldest in terms of photography remaining on the site.

Added two photos covering I-40 west at the east end of I-269 in Arlington, Tennessee.

Converted Interstate 840 in Tennessee to the new layout and also added/replaced photos covering the ends with ones shot January 15, 2019.

Updated Interstate 155 from Hayti, MO to Dyersburg, TN with recent photos and added a schematic showing the future interchange joining I-69 with I-155.

This leaves Tennessee pages for I-275 and I-640 at Knoxville and former I-181 with the old html tables to convert/update on the site.

September 23

Posted photos covering both ends of Interstate 165 at Bowling Green and Owensboro, Kentucky (09/07/20).

Added photos at the exchange joining I-69 with Future I-169 (Pennyrile Parkway) and Western Kentucky Parkway (Future I-369) from 09/07 and 09/08/20.

September 24-25

Updated Interstate 64 with new photos covering the west end from JP Nasiatka (09/15/20) and the east end from 12/14/17

Converted Interstate 57 to the new layout, reedited older photos from 2002 and 2005, and added photo of Future I-57 Corridor sign at Walnut Ridge.

Converted Hampton Roads area pages for I-264, I-464, I-564 and I-664 and added photos from 12/14/17.

Updated east end coverage of Interstate 440 in Arkansas with photos from 09/09/20.

September 26

Added photos from 09/09/20 covering both ends of Interstate 430 in Arkansas and showing the completed Big Rock Interchange project at the west end of Interstate 640 in Little Rock.