Interstate 88 Eastbound - Broome County

Special thanks goes to Jack Thomas for help with photo captions.

Interstate 88 east
The eastern Interstate 88 starts at a high speed flyover interchange at Interstate 81 and over the Chenango River north of Binghamton. Ramps from Interstate 81 north to Interstate 88 east swift cars directly onto the highway, as do ramps from Interstate 88 west to both directions of Interstate 81. Southbound Interstate 81 traffic however, has to utilize Exit 5 for North Front Street (U.S. 11) and make a u-turn to get onto the highway. This design flaw is in part due to Interstate 88 originally being aligned down the current New York 7 expressway to Interstate 81 via Port Dickinson. Photo taken 05/11/05.
A yellow sign cautions us to the impending merge of traffic from the New York 7 expressway coming from the south in Binghamton. New York 7 closely parallels Interstate 88 for the trek to Albany, sharing many exits along the way. From here, Interstate 88 is merged with New York 7 until Exit 4 in Sanataria Springs. Photo taken 05/11/05.
Drivers are provided a tight curving alignment through here as traffic is partitioned in between frontage roads and the Chenango River to the west. Photo taken 05/11/05.
Exit 2 provides a short connection to New York 12 via New York 12A through Chenango Bridge. Photo taken 05/11/05.
Closeup of Interstate 88 and New York 7 shields along the highway. Photo taken 05/11/05.
The offramp for Exit 2 leaves here as we continue east. At this point, Interstate 88 leaves its urban setting as it snakes out of the Chenango River Valley. Photo taken 05/11/05.
With the speed limit set at 55, Interstate 88 and New York 7 continue to wind eastward right at the edge of the river. Photo taken 05/11/05.

Advance signage for Exit 3 serving Port Crane. New York 369 travels north to Chenango Valley State Park. Photo taken 05/11/05.
New York 7B is also served by this exit. Utlizing the old New York 7 alignment, New York 7B runs from Port Crane east to Sanataria Springs, closely paralleling Interstate 88 in the process. Photo taken 05/11/05.
The offramp for Exit 3 leaves the highway here. Aside from Port Crane, New York 369 also serves the small hamlet of North Fenton to the north. Photo taken 05/11/05.
Port Crane and the state park are to the north by way of a left turn. A right turn takes you on New York 369 South, not signed. A probable guess would be because it silently morphes into New York 7B and curves eastward. Photo taken 05/11/05.
Interstate 88 New York Shield located between Exit 7 and 8. There were about a half dozen or so Interstate 88 shields with the state name along eastbound. The first was located just east of the New York 79 interchange at Exit 6. Photo taken 07/21/00.

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