some photos from favorite old haunts … northeastern New Mexico, including a trip to Sierra Grande, the tallest mountain in Union County.

Two days of photos – one of just hanging out, the second of actually going somewhere.

Flowers still in bloom in late October at 6800 feet. Someone does one hell of a job with the gardening!

Why has Dale ascended to such magnificent heights atop this flimsy half-a-utility-pole? Because he can.

Iridescent clouds, and a radio assembly on top of Sierra Grande. (Or: a flying saucer comes in for a landing.)

Iridescent clouds were a regular phenomenon over both days.

More flowers. The bees, alas, appear to be mostly gone by this late in the season. We will see only one.

It is a little-known fact that the famous Red Phone in the Kremlin actually connects to Dale’s house. (Photo has been mildly edited to protect the privacy of this charming 1970s communication device.)

The road to the windmill, as we approach dusk.

Sunset in Union County.

Moonrises are just as colorful as sunrises – you just have to take longer exposures.

Next morning. What a perfect day to go to the top of Sierra Grande!

Changing leaves and reflecting signs – what more could you want?

High clouds and bright leaves.

Up the road to Sierra Grande. We are suddenly pursued by a horde of magnificent beasts.

Bovine intervention.

Looking straight up.

Sometimes, shooting straight into the sun actually works.

Did I mention the leaves are changing?

Last bee of the season.

Halfway up the road to Sierra Grande. This is what they call, literally, a late bloomer.

Solid advice on the Sierra Grande road.

Top of the mountain. We have arrived.

Dale and Esperanza – and the International Harvester Scout, and a giant radio installation, and high clouds. Don’t mind the International – regardless of how I tried to perspective-correct this picture, it refused to conform to the linearity of this space-time continuum.


Higher than Capulin Volcano. Not quite as high as Greenhorn Mountain, which is visible in the background, over 100 miles away, just past Walsenburg, Colorado.

Dale enjoys his fancy German beer.

In the foreground, the town of Capulin. Behind it, highway 64/87 heads off into the distance. Said distance consists of the Sangre de Cristo mountains.

The survey marker on top of Sierra Grande. The highest point, apart from the broadcast towers anyway.

High clouds and installations.

Esperanza about to be vaporized by a malevolent device.

A giant heap of ladybugs. They are, ahem, causing new ladybugs to come into being.

Tall tower is tall.

High clouds: a cause for much rejoicing.

Dale surveys the landscape.

Top of the world.


Yet another person decides to climb the pole for no discernible reason. (The person who took these pictures would like to remind the world of his extremely powerful fear of heights desire to take photographs from ground level.)

Implicit in this blissful portrait is the subject’s realization that the only way down is an eight foot sudden drop.

It’s not out of focus; it’s naturally fuzzy! (I’ll have to use that reasoning for all my photos from now on.)

On our way back down.

Union County driving test.