California 20 East - Yuba County

California 20 east & 70 north
Northbound California 70 and eastbound California 20 follow Ninth Street east for three blocks between E Street and B Street in Marysville. This guide sign advises motorists of the proper lane choice for continuing north on California 70 to Oroville or east on California 20 to Grass Valley-Nevada City. Photo taken 01/15/06.
Both California 70 and California 20 are signed at the point where the two state routes transition from Ninth Street east to B Street north. Photos taken 01/15/06.
This shield assembly for California 70 north and California 20 east is located on northbound B Street after the Ninth Street intersection in Marysville. Photo taken 01/15/06.
The two routes divide just a few blocks later. Stay left for California 70 north to Orovillle or stay right California 20 east to Grass Valley and Nevada City. Photos taken 01/15/06 and 09/04/10.
Northbound California 70 and eastbound California 20 split at the Twelvth Street intersection. The second picture shows Ellis Lake and the signage for westbound traffic on California 20. Photos taken 09/04/10.

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