California 99 South - Sutter County

California 99 south
After the busy California 20 (Colusa Avenue) intersection in Yuba City, California 99 travels south as a multi-lane highway, but no longer as a freeway. Losing Historic U.S. 99E at the California 20 intersection, California 99 now parallels historic U.S. 40 Alternate from here south to the California 113 intersection. Photo taken 01/01/05.
California 99 sees a long expressway segment south of Yuba City. Photo taken 01/01/05.
Reentering farmland, California 99 has a daytime headlights segment necessary for safety on this busy stretch of roadway as it narrows to two lanes. Improvements to California 99 from here south to California 113 to expressway standards has shortened the daytime headlight section, with the goal of a four-lane expressway between the California 70 split and the Yuba City freeway segment. Photo taken 01/01/05.
Back in 2005, the daytime headlights section was 14 miles long. As sections of California 99 are converted from two-lane highway to four-lane expressway, the daytime headlights sections can be eliminated. Photo taken 01/01/05.

California 99 before the conversion to a four-lane expressway. Photo taken 01/01/05.
Southbound California 99 approaches California 113. Since this picture was taken, the intersection has been reconfigured to allow for a smooth transition onto recently realigned (2010) California 99 that cuts off a few sharp turns and reduces the total distance between California 113 and California 70. We'll return here in the future to show the newly signalized intersection between California 99 and California 113. Photo taken 01/01/05.
California 113 follows Old U.S. 40 Alternate and Old California 24 southwest to Woodland, where California 113 will meet Interstate 5. South of Woodland, California 113 takes a freeway alignment all the way to Davis, where it meets Interstate 80. Photo taken 01/01/05.
Southbound California 99 meets California 113. This intersection was relocated further south and is now aligned with Tudor Road. Photo taken 01/01/05.

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