California 193

California 193 passes through scenic foothill country between Placerville and Georgetown, including this view along northbound after exiting the valley of the South Fork of the American River. Photo taken 12/28/04.

California 193 is a Northern California state route that exists in two segments: from the eastern city limits of Lincoln (near California 65) to Interstate 80 near Newcastle and from California 49 in Cool to California 49 north of Placerville.

California 193 east
After passing over the old U.S. 40 tunnel near Newcastle, a trailblazer to Interstate 80 and Auburn is posted. Photo taken 12/27/04.
Eastbound California 193 approaches Interstate 80 at Exit 116 near Newcastle. Photo taken 12/27/04.
The freeway entrance to Interstate 80 is located after a stop sign. Photo taken 12/27/04.
California 193 south
After an implied overlap with Interstate 80 east and California 49 south, California 193 resumes an independent alignment in Cool. This view looks east along California 193 as seen from the California 49 intersection in Cool. Photo taken 12/28/04.
Skipping ahead, we now visit the stretch of California 193 south between Georgetown and Placerville. The first picture shows the view of California 193 as it passes through the South Fork of the American River canyon as seen a view point well above it. The second two pictures show California 193 as it crosses over the South Fork of the American River. Photos taken 12/28/04.
California 193 west
California 193 west enters the unincorporated community of Newcastle. Photo taken 12/27/04.
A C block marks the rights of way of Old U.S. 40 alongside westbound California 193. Photo taken 12/27/04.
The western segment of California 193 begins at Interstate 80 in Newcastle (at Exit 116) and travels west to California 65 at Lincoln. This is the first reassurance shield for California 193 west, which briefly follows Old U.S. 40. Photo taken 12/27/04.

Westbound California 193 (Old U.S. 40) meets Ridge Road at this intersection. Ridge Road parallels California 193 over the next several miles and may be an older alignment of this state route. Photo taken 12/27/04.
A second California 193 reassurance shield is posted after the Ridge Road intersection. Photo taken 12/27/04.
A California 193 postmile (Placer, mile 10.00) is located after the reassurance shield). The western California 193 is fully located within Placer. Photo taken 12/27/04.
After the Ridge Road intersection, California 193 prepares to split from Old U.S. 40. Continue straight ahead to follow Old U.S. 40 (Taylor Road) west to Penryn and the city of Loomis. Photo taken 12/27/04.
Turn left to follow California 193 west to Lincoln, which connects to California 65 north to Marysville and Yuba City. Photo taken 12/27/04.
A California 193 trailblazer is posted shortly thereafter at the three-way stop intersection. Photo taken 12/27/04.
After the turn from Old U.S. 40, another reassurance shield and mileage sign are posted on westbound California 193. Turn left at Old State Highway to downtown Newcastle; continue straight ahead to follow California 193 west to Lincoln. Photo taken 12/27/04.
At the eastern city limits of Lincoln, California 193 reaches its endpoint as signed by an end shield at the Oak Tree Lane intersection. The former state highway continues west of here to meet former California 65 in downtown Lincoln. Photo taken 11/01/15 by Joel Windmiller.
Former California 193 west
Entering downtown Lincoln, former westbound California 193 approached its prior western terminus with California 65 in downtown Lincoln. With the completion of the Lincoln Bypass, California 193 was truncated and shortened so that its western terminus would now be the eastern edge of the city limits of Lincoln. California 193 does not extend onto old California 65 to connect it with the new bypass. Photo taken 12/27/04.
Prior to its truncation, California 193 used to be signed with an end shield as it approaches California 65 in Lincoln. Photo taken 12/27/04.
California 193 scenes
To Newcastle, turn left from California 193 onto Old State Highway. Old State Highway uses a one-lane tunnel to pass under the railroad. The quaint downtown is located on the other side of this tunnel. The date stamp on top of the tunnel portal appears to be 1919. Photos taken 12/27/04.

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