California 195

Shield assembly along southbound California 111 at the 66th Avenue in Mecca. Photo taken 03/09/08.

California 195 is a connecting route from the California 86 Expressway (formerly signed as California 86S until 2012) east to California 111 in Mecca near the north end of the Salton Sea in Riverside County. Eventually, this route is planned to be renumbered as part of California 111, but for now it is still signed independently as California 195 in the field (as of March 2009). Northeast of Mecca, another old section of California 195 through Box Springs Canyon is still intact but is now a Riverside County road (it is also part of former U.S. 60 and U.S. 70).


California 195 used to be a much longer route; it was formed in 1964. To the west, it used to extend to the old alignment of California 86, which is now designated as Harrison Street via 66th Avenue and Pierce Street. This routing was eliminated by 2008. To the east, California 195 also used to follow Box Canyon Road (Old U.S. 60-70) until this highway was removed from the state system and transferred to Riverside County for maintenance in 1972.

A totally different state sign route for California 195 existed prior to the extension of U.S. 95 in California in 1940. It started in Palo Verde (along today's California 78) and proceeded north through Blythe and Needles. This route was unrelated to the route established in 1964.

Former California 195 - Pierce Street north
Prior to 2006, California 195 used to follow Pierce Street between former California 86 (Harrison Street) and 66th Avenue. This view looks northeast on Pierce Street. Photo taken 05/07/06.
This mileage sign along former California 195 (Pierce Street) used to provide the distance to Mecca (eight miles), Desert Center (51 miles), and Blythe (99 miles). It is not clear if these mileages assumed motorists would take California 86 north to Interstate 10 west to Desert Center and Blythe or follow Box Canyon Road (former U.S. 60-70). Photo taken 05/07/06.
Pierce Street (former California 195) proceeds through some agricultural areas with some interspersed residential areas. Photo taken 05/07/06.
A palm orchard is located along the east side of Pierce Street. Photo taken 05/07/06.
The area around Pierce Street is fairly remote. While agricultural vehicles are commonly found along Pierce Street, it is less common to find through traffic now that the California 86 expressway is completed. Photos taken 05/07/06.
Northbound Pierce Street meets 66th Avenue. Turn left here for 66th Avenue west to former California 86 (Harrison Street) or right for 66th Avenue east to California 86 expressway and California 111 near Mecca. California 195 used to turn right here onto 66th Avenue. Photo taken 05/07/06.
Former California 195 - 66th Avenue east
Leaving the intersection with Pierce Street, former California 195 used to proceed east along 66th Avenue for the final distance to the California 86 expressway and California 111 near Mecca. Photo taken 05/07/06.
Turn left for the continuation of Pierce Street north. Photo taken 05/07/06.
Former California 195 continues east along 66th Avenue. Photo taken 05/07/06.
Power lines pass overhead as eastbound former California 195 (66th Avenue) approaches its signalized intersection with the California 86 expressway just west of Mecca. Photo taken 05/07/06.
At the time this picture was taken, California 86 expressway was signed as California 86S, a temporary or "supplemental" designation created to allow the expressway bypass of Coachella and Indio to be constructed in phases while allowing through traffic to continue to follow the old California 86 alignment on Harrison Street. This sign has since been changed to reflect "California 86." Photo taken 05/07/06.
Eastbound 66th Avenue meets the California 86 expressway at this traffic signal. Photo taken 05/07/06.
California 195 - 66th Avenue east
California 195 connects the California 86 expressway with California 111 and Interstate 10 near Mecca along the northern shore of the Salton Sea. This link is needed because there is no direct interchange between California 111 and the California 86 expressway. The route was previously much longer (with extensions west to former California 86 (Harrison Street) and east to Interstate 10; it was decommissioned in stages). Plans call for the eventual elimination of this route with the completion of the California 86-S expressway. Photo taken 03/14/09.
Two-lane California 195 follows 66th Avenue between the California 86 expressway and California 111. If California 111 is redesignated onto 66th Avenue, then California 195 will be replaced by California 111 in its entirety. Photo taken 05/07/06.
The stop ahead is for eastbound California 195 traffic approaching California 111 near Mecca. Photo taken 05/07/06.
California 195 ends at this stop sign intersection with California 111 in Mecca. Turn right for the continuation of California 111 south to Niland and Calipatria. Turn left to the Fourth Street traffic signal, which connects to the unincorporated community of Mecca and the connection to Historic U.S. 60-70 (Box Canyon Road) east to Chiriaco Summit (old California 195). Photos taken 06/07/08 and 03/14/09.
This view looks south on California 111 as seen from the east end of California 195. Photo taken 06/07/08.
A power line soars over the intersection of California 195 and California 111. Prior to its decommissioning east of here, California 195 used to continue east along 66th Avenue and Box Canyon Road (Old U.S. 60-70) to connect to Interstate 10 at Chiriaco Summit. Photo taken 06/07/08.
California 195 - 66th Avenue west
A begin California 195 shield is posted on westbound 66th Avenue after the California 111 intersection near Mecca. Plans call for California 195 to be redesignated as California 111, but that has not yet happened as of February 2013. Photos taken 06/07/08 and 03/14/09.
Former California 195 - Pierce Street south
Westbound California 195 approaches Former California 86 (Harrison Street) south of Thermal and Coachella. This end shield was in place in June 1999; subsequent visits in 2009 show the end shield is no longer in place. Almost all California 195 signage is gone between the California 86 expressway and Former California 86 (Harrison Street). Photo taken 06/12/99.

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