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SR 16 extends MD 16 into the Diamond State at Hickman through the southwest corner of Kent County. Following Hickman Road, the state route meanders east to the community of Adamsville, where it straddles the Sussex County line before curving southeast to merge with SR 36.

SR 16 and SR 36 combine two miles east through the town of Greenwood along Market Street. Just outside of town, the two part ways at St. Johnstown. SR 36 turns northward along Shawnee Road to the city of Milford while SR 16 (Beach Highway) bee lines east to the rural settlements of Owens and Oakley.

Beach Highway intersects U.S. 113 (Dupont Boulevard) just west of Ellendale. SR 16 follows Main Street through the incorporated town to Milton Ellendale Highway. The state route bends southeast across forest land to Saw Mill Road, where it resumes an eastward heading to Milton. SR 5 Alt accompanies the route between SR 30 (Isaacs Road) and SR 5 (Union Street) at the north end of town.

East from Milton, SR 16 curves northerly along Broadkill Road to intersect SR 1 (Coastal Highway) in 2.3 miles, where an interchange will be built in 2020. The state route spurs east 3.90 miles from there along Broadkill Neck to Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge to end at Broadkill Beach on Delaware Bay.

The course of SR 16 is vastly unchanged since 1936. Broadkill Road east of Coastal Highway was not paved until after 1939.

Delaware State Route 16 Guides

SR 16 - 2015 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 3,595 - Maryland line to Sussex County line
  • 5,242 - Railroad Avenue to U.S. 13
  • 9,531 - U.S. 13 to east Greenwood limit
  • 6,529 - U.S. 113 to west Ellendale limit
  • 7,080 - Warren Farm Road to SR 5
  • 2,228 - SR 1 to Broadkill Beach

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