Had planned a roadtrip for New York City and the Upstate for next week, but with the ongoing COVID19 pandemic and associated travel restrictions, curfews, etc, threw that idea out last week. Nonetheless, was already working on revising the New York section of the site, starting with converting all remaining overview pages for Interstate and U.S. Highways still in old html. With those revisions, scan old maps for just about every Interstate covered on the site.

Also updated some of the pages with photos from 2014 and 2017 trips to the Empire State:

Updated guides within New York City:

  • Belt Parkway – converted from html and expanded page with 53 photos covering Cross Island Parkway south from I-495 and Belt Parkway west to I-678 with photos taken 12/17/17.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) Drive – converted html and expanded northbound coverage with photos from 07/27/07 and 12/17/17.
  • New York Route 27 – converted old html pages and added photos along Conduit Avenue in Queens from 12/17/17.
  • New York Route 878 – updated guide with photos taken 12/17/17.