Overlapping with NY 28, Interstate 587 comprises a 1.3 mile long freeway southeast from a traffic circle with the New York Thruway access road, Washington Avenue and NY 28 west to U.S. 209 within the town of Ulster. Heading south across Esopus Creek, I-587/NY 28 (Colonel Chandler Drive) ties into NY 32 (Broadway) at the intersection with Albany Avenue and St. James Street in the city of Kingston. I-587 is not acknowledged on Thruway guide signs for Exit 19.

Construction underway in 2005 replaced the bridge across Esopus Creek resurfaced the roadway. Work underway from November 2019 to October 2021 replaces the intersection at the east end of I-587 with a roundabout.

Kingston was first settled in 1652 by Dutch settlers originating from near Albany to farm the flood plains of the Esopus Creek. The settlers named the village Esopus and then Wiltwyck before the area colony came under English control by 1664. Wiltwyck became known as Kingston at that time. In 1777, Kingston became the first capital of New York State.1

Interstate 587 East
Ramps for the trumpet interchange at Exit 19 combine ahead of a toll plaza. 10/05/14
The traffic circle with NY 28 (Onteora Trail) west, Washington Avenue south and I-587/NY 28 (Colonel Chandler Drive) east lies just beyond the toll booths at Exit 19. 10/05/14
A bypass lane connects the NY Thruway access road with NY 28 (Onteora Trail) west to the cloverleaf interchange with the U.S. 209 freeway north to the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge (NY 199). 10/05/14
Washington Avenue branches south from NY 28 and I-587 to Uptown Kingston. 10/05/14
Interstate 587 and NY 28 join Colonel George Chandler Drive beyond Washington Avenue. 10/05/14
The first of two grade separations along Interstate 587 is the Sawkill Road overpass. 10/05/14
Confirming markers for I-587/NY 28 posted after Sawkill Road. 10/05/14
I-587/NY 28 (Colonel Chandler Drive) proceed southeast across Esopus Creek. 10/05/14
Crossing Esopus Creek, eastbound Interstate 587/NY 28 enters the Kingston city limits. 10/05/14
Curving southward, I-587/NY 28 approach NY 32 along Albany Avenue and Broadway. 10/05/14
End shields for both I-587 and NY 28 precede NY 32 (Albany Avenue). 10/05/14
NY 32 follows Albany Avenue northeast and Broadway southeast from the intersection with I-587/NY 28. The state route heads south toward Downtown Kingston and north from the city to Ulster. 10/05/14
Albany Avenue ties into the intersection with I-587/NY 28 and NY 32 along Broadway from Clinton Avenue and Uptown Kingston to the west. 10/05/14
Construction underway in 2020 replaces the five way intersection at NY 32 and Albany Avenue with a roundabout. 10/05/14
Interstate 587 West
I-587/NY 28 begin at the NY 32 turn from Broadway onto Albany Avenue. 10/05/14
Reassurance markers for I-587 and NY 28 stand just beyond Albany Avenue along Colonel Chandler Drive. 10/05/14
Colonel George Chandler Drive curves northwest beyond the Catskill Mountain Railroad underpass. 10/05/14
I-587/NY 28 runs along the back side of Kingston Plaza shopping center by a second set of reassurance markers. 10/05/14
Esopus Creek derives its name from the native Esopus tribe of the Delaware Nation.1 The creek flows northward to Lake Katrine, Saugerties, and the Hudson River. 10/05/14
West from Esopus Creek, Colonel Chandler Drive travels through the town of Ulster. 10/05/14
The traffic circle with the New York Thruway access road at Exit 19 lies just beyond the Sawkill Road (CR 42) overpass. 10/05/14
The first of three end shields for Interstate 587 west. 10/05/14
NY 28 extends northwest from the end of I-587 to U.S. 209 for Ellenville and Ashokan Reservoir. 10/05/14
A bypass lane connects I-587 west with the Thruway access road for Interstate 87 north to Albany and south to New York City. 10/05/14
Route 28 winds 33 miles northwest from I-587 at Ulster to Pine Hill. U.S. 209 travels 29 miles southwest to Ellenville and five miles east to end at U.S. 9W and NY 199. 10/05/14
Following the Thruway access road from I-587, motorists enter a toll plaza ahead of the trumpet interchange with Interstate 87. 10/05/14
I-87 (New York Thruway) heads 50.5 miles north to I-787 in Albany and 58 miles to the Adirondack Northway toward Montreal, Quebec. 10/05/14
The New York Thruway leads Interstate 87 south 31 miles to I-84 at Newbergh and 60 miles to the merge with I-287 at Suffern. 10/05/14
Interstate 587 scenes
Washington Avenue crosses Esopus Creek north from Uptown Kingston to the traffic circle with I-587 (Col. Chandler Drive) east, NY 28 (Onteora Trail), and the New York Thruway access road. 07/20/05
NY 28 connects I-587 and Washington Avenue with U.S. 209 west of I-87. U.S. 209 bypasses Kingston along a freeway between Hurley and Lake Katrine. 07/20/05
Albany Avenue east becomes a part of NY 32 north from I-587/NY 28 at Broadway. NY 28 also begins here. 07/20/05
I-587/NY 28 (Colonel George Chandler Drive) branch northward at the turn of NY 32 from Broadway west onto Albany Avenue north. 07/20/05

  1. History, City of Kingston. http://www.ci.kingston.ny.us/History/Dutch.html

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