Former California 42

Historical Routing

Within the Los Angeles Basin, California 42 is a decommissioned route that connected California 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) and Interstate 5 (Santa Ana Freeway) through Los Angeles, Inglewood, South Gate, Downey, and Norwalk via Manchester Boulevard and Firestone Boulevard. Signs for the route remain on certain intersecting freeways, but most if not all reassurance markers are gone.

Former California 42 east
Although decommissioned, California 42 is surprisingly well-signed in most locations. California 42 used to follow Manchester Avenue and Firestone Boulevard between California 1 and Interstate 5 through Los Angeles, Inglewood, South Gate, Downey, and Norwalk. Although California 42 is not a legislative route and maintenance has been turned over to the cities along the former state route, signs and shields remain, including several on the intersecting freeways. This picture shows a remaining California 42 shield, in fairly good condition, on an older, white-painted post along Manchester Avenue. Photo taken 08/98.

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