California 198

California 198 is a major east-west highway from U.S. 101 at San Lucas to the Three Rivers entrance to Sequoia National Park. Portions of the route through the Central Valley are freeway.

California 198 east
Entering downtown Coalinga along eastbound California 198/Elm Avenue, we approach the intersection with California 33/Fifth Street. Turn right for California 33 south to Interstate 5 south. Continue straight ahead for California 33 north and California 198 east to Interstate 5 north. Photo taken 01/02/05.
California 33 and California 198 will share alignment for about nine miles. California 33 is part of a major north-south state route corridor that begins in Ventura along the coast and extends north through Taft and Avenal to arrive in Coalinga. Ahead, California 33 will connect to Mendota, Los Banos, and Santa Nella before ending at Interstate 5 at a point between Vernalis and Tracy. Photo taken 01/02/05.
California 33 north & California 198 east
In downtown Coalinga, we find this California 33 north and California 198 east reassurance shield assembly on northbound Elm Avenue at Fifth Street. Photos taken 01/02/05.
California 198 east
After departing Interstate 5, eastbound California 198 approaches Harris Ranch, which features a hotel, pool, restaurant, gas station, full-service butcher, and a variety of gifts. Photo taken 07/03/04.
Eastbound California 198 mileage sign after Interstate 5. Photo taken by Trevor Carrier (2002).
Past Lemoore and Hanford, California 198 becomes a freeway, then an expressway en route to Visalia. Just west of Visalia, California 198 again becomes a freeway. This freeway entrance sign for California 198 is located in Visalia. Photo taken by Trevor Carrier, Spring 2004.
Eastbound California 198 approaches Exit 110, Road 156 north to California 216 en route to Ivanhoe and Woodlake. The freeway segment continues east for a few more miles before ending. Photo taken by Trevor Carrier, Spring 2004.
California 198 scenes
California 198 trailblazer on the northbound off-ramp from U.S. 101. Photo taken by Trevor Carrier (2002).

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