California 223

California 223 is Bear Mountain Road, connecting Interstate 5 with California 99 and California 58 via Arvin.

California 223 east
This mileage sign along eastbound California 223 is posted after passing the Union Avenue (California 99 Business) intersection. Arvin is ten miles east of here, and the eastern terminus of California 223 (at California 58) is 22 miles east of here. Photo taken 02/15/04.
Eastbound California 223 approaching northbound California 184 (Weedpatch Highway). The state route only heads north, but the locally maintained road continues south as Wheeler Ridge Road, meeting Interstate 5 at Wheeler Ridge at the base of the Grapevine grade. Photo taken 02/15/04.
Eastbound California 223 meets California 184 at this intersection. California 184 travels north to Weedpatch, Lamont, and Edison before reaching California 178 northeast of Bakersfield. It is generally a two-lane rural highway except when it passes through towns and the eastern suburbs of Bakersfield. Use Weedpatch Highway south to Wheeler Ridge and Interstate 5 south to Los Angeles. Photo taken 02/15/04.
Arvin, the only town along the entire route of California 223, hosts 12,956 residents, situated in this southeastern corner of the Central Valley in the shadow of Bear Mountain. Photo taken 02/15/04.
Eastbound California 223 meets South Hill Street at this intersection. Photo taken 02/15/04.
Upon leaving Arvin and crossing the railroad tracks, California 223 narrows back to two lanes. Photo taken 02/15/04.
Agriculture remains the primary use of the land, even here at the southern edge of the fertile Central Valley. Like a beacon, Bear Mountain is visible in the skyline. Photo taken 02/15/04.
Even on this hazy day, Bear Mountain dominates the view of eastbound California 223 east of Arvin. Photo taken 02/15/04.

View of eastbound California 223 as it passes along the rolling foothills of the northern base of Bear Mountain. Photo taken 02/15/04.
A bit further up the road, several oak trees dot the landscape in addition to the rolling grassland. Photo taken 02/15/04.
Eastbound California 223 approaches California 58. California 58 leads east to Tehachapi, Mojave, and Barstow, and it leads west to Bakersfield and Buttonwillow. Photo taken 02/15/04.
California 223 reaches its eastern terminus at its intersection with California 58 in the shadows of Bear Mountain. This is one of two at-grade intersections along California 58 between Bakersfield and Mojave; the other is just a mile east of here at the Caliente turn-off. Photo taken 02/15/04.
California 223 (Bear Mountain Road)
Westbound California 223 approaching California 99 Business, Union Avenue. The business route is old U.S. 99, and it can be seen from a distance due to the proximity of the eucalyptus trees that line the rural highway on both sides and in the median. On the trailblazer sign to California 99, note that no mention is made that Union Avenue (blinking red light) is the business route. Photo taken 01/21/04.
After passing California 99 Business (Union Avenue), California 223 has a reassurance marker, and then immediately reaches the California 99 overpass. Photo taken 01/21/04.
Westbound California 223 approaches its interchange with California 99 (Golden State Freeway) south of Bakersfield. The state route continues a few miles west to meet Interstate 5. Photo taken 01/21/04.

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