Interstate 5 travels north-south from California through the Willamette Valley to Portland, then crosses the Columbia River into Washington. I-5 replaced the routing of U.S. 99 throughout most of western Oregon. The freeway enters the state south of Ashland and stays west of the Cascade Range from Siskiyou Summit north to Portland. Along the way are the communities of Medford, Grants Pass, Roseburg, Eugene, Salem, and Portland.

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Interstate 5 scenes
A parting shot of a button copy overhead for the Barnett Road loop ramp onto Interstate 5 northbound in the city of Medford. Barnett Road meets the freeway at Exit 27 southeast of downtown. Note the control city of Grants Pass. All reflectorized guide signs for the freeway display Portland as the primary northbound control point. Photo taken 03/31/05.
Oregon 138 (Harvard Boulevard) westbound on the approach to Interstate 5 (Exit 124) in the city of Roseburg. The state highway merges onto the northbound freeway for a 12-mile overlap to Sutherlin. The southbound Interstate 5 on-ramp to the Douglas County Fairgrounds (Exit 123) and Medford departs from Harvard Boulevard westbound after the freeway over crossing. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Although many of the Oregon 99 overlaps with Interstate 5 are unsigned, the overlap between the freeway and Oregon 138 is acknowledged. Pictured here is a shield assembly posted at the Harvard Boulevard northbound on-ramp to the freeway in Roseburg. The two highways cross the Umpqua River before their first interchange, Exit 125 with Garden Valley Boulevard. Photo taken 04/01/05.

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03/31/05, 04/01/05 by AARoads

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