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U.S. 13 North U.S. 58 U.S. 460 East
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Eastbound on the overlap of U.S. 13 north with U.S. 58 & 460 eastbound at the Suffolk and Chesapeake city line. The three highways cosign between the Suffolk city center eastward to Interstate 664. The sign bridge displayed here partitions the three eastbound lanes into the counterparts of U.S. 58 & 460 Alternate eastbound and U.S. 13 northbound & U.S. 460 eastbound. Contrary to the signage, U.S. 13 and U.S. 460 actually follow U.S. 58 through the interchange with Interstate 664, then they split off of U.S. 58 at the intersection with Joliff Rd east of the interchange. The connection leads something to be desired and may be the reasoning for alluding to U.S. 13 & 460 following the Interstate 264 eastbound ramp.2 12/17/01, 05/01/01
2 photos
2 photos
A second set of signs for the impending U.S. 13 north & 460 east parting from U.S. 58. Interstate 664 connects the U.S. highway trio with the cities of Newport News and Hampton via the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge Tunnel. Traffic to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (U.S. 13) is advised to stay on Interstate 64 Outer. 12/17/01, 05/01/01
Traffic to Interstate 264 eastbound and U.S. 13 & 460 departs U.S. 58 east. The official routing of U.S. 13 & 460 however, continues eastward along U.S. 58 to Joliff Road. From there the paired highways turn southward on Joliff to the Military Highway. Ramps to Interstate 264 and the Hampton Roads Beltway (Interstate 64 & 664) otherwise depart within one half mile. U.S. 460 remains overlapped with U.S. 13 on the Military Highway to the intersection with Bainbridge Boulevard (SR 166). 12/17/01
U.S. 460 Alternate begins at the U.S. 58 split with U.S. 13 south & 460 east at Joliff Road. Traffic wishing to access Interstate 664 northbound departs from the trio in one half mile. Ahead is the Interstate 664 overcrossing and Exit 13B on-ramp merge from the Hampton Roads Beltway southbound. 12/17/01
The lane added from Exit 13B of Interstate 664 southbound becomes exit-only for Interstate 664 northbound. The Hampton Roads Beltway links U.S. 13-58-460 and the city of Suffolk with Newport News and Hampton to the north of the James River. U.S. 58 & 460A meanwhile part with U.S. 13 & 460 eastward into the city of Portsmouth. 12/17/01
The junction between U.S. 13 (Military Highway) and U.S. 58 (Virginia Beach Boulevard) in east Norfolk exists as a single point urban interchange (SPUI). Constructed in 2000, the SPUI replaces an original cloverleaf interchange.1 The area is busy with traffic with both federal highways consisting of six to eight lanes. Military Circle Mall resides to the southeast of the U.S. 13 & 58 SPUI. 03/25/01
The end of the U.S. 13 northbound off-ramp to Virginia Beach Boulevard. U.S. 58 constitutes a major arterial between the cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach parallel to Interstate 264 and the Virginia Beach-Norfolk Expressway. The highway offers a slow go and heavy traffic between the two municipalities. 03/25/01
Now on the six-lane Northampton Boulevard portion of U.S. 13 in Virginia Beach. Two interchanges exist along the north-south arterial, the first being a full cloverleaf with SR 225 (Independence Boulevard). SR 225 travels between U.S. 60 (Shore Drive) and the Little Creek Amphibious Base southward to U.S. 58 (Virginia Beach Boulevard) and Interstate 264 (Virginia Beach-Norfolk Expressway). 12/17/01
Approaching the final departure point for U.S. 13 northbound motorists before Northampton Boulevard transitions into the tolled Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. A diamond interchange exists between U.S. 13 and U.S. 60 (Shore Drive) one third of a mile north of the sign bridge depicted here. 12/17/01
U.S. 13 (Northampton Boulevard) northbound at the U.S. 60 (Shore Drive) off-ramp. The overhead includes Massachusetts style U.S. shields.2 For traffic continuing northward 20 miles of uninterrupted bridge and causeway lie between Virginia Beach (U.S. 60 / Shore Drive) and Northampton County (SR 600) in Northampton County just north of the southbound toll plaza.3 12/17/01
The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel northbound toll plaza lies just north of the interchange with U.S. 60. 12/17/01
U.S. 13 northbound on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. The crossing features a pair of two lane bridges between the four artificial islands on the 16 mile crossing between Virginia Beach and Fisherman's Island over the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. 12/17/01
A map featuring historical information is displayed at the Thimble Shoals artificial island visitor's center. 12/17/01
Looking northward at the Thimble Shoal Channel from the south artificial island of U.S. 13. 12/17/01
Rest areas are provided on the islands themselves for each direction of U.S. 13. The control city of U.S. 13 northbound interestingly enough features Philadelphia in lieu of Salisbury, Maryland or Dover, Delaware. 12/17/01
Thimble Shoal Channel tunnel as seen from the Sea Gull Pier Restaurant pedestrian bridge. 12/17/01
Northbound within the Thimble Shoal Tunnel. 12/17/01
Nearing the North Channel Bridges of the CBBT system. An elaborate traffic control system is in place along the bridges in case of inclement weather or accident situations. Yellow flashers and LED advisory signs such as the one displayed here are posted all along the 16 mile system of bridges and on the Fisherman's Island section of U.S. 13. The traffic control system along the CBBT also allows for 2-lane, 2-way traffic on either side, if necessary.3 12/17/01
U.S. 13 northbound at the crest of the North Channel Bridge. A second set of high level bridges exist between the Fisherman Island National Wildlife Refuge (Cape Charles) and the Eastern Shore of Virginia to the north. These bridges travel over Fisherman's Inlet at about half the height of those over the North Channel. 12/17/01
Standard VDOT mileage sign and reassurance shield combo posted on U.S. 13 northbound near Capeville. U.S. 13 carries four lanes with a varying grass median or center turn lane throughout Northampton and Accomack Counties. 12/17/01
U.S. 13 (Lankford Highway) northbound at the western terminus of SR 182 (Main Street) in the village of Painter (pop. 246). SR 182 travels east from Painter to the communities of Mappsburg and Quinby. U.S. 13 sees seven sections of 45 MPH zones and four of 50 MPH zones on the Eastern Shore.3 There are 68 miles between the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel and the Maryland state line. 12/17/01
U.S. 13 South
U.S. 13 (Military Highway) southbound at the Interstate 464 (Exit 2) diamond interchange in Chesapeake. Interstate 464 travels between downtown Norfolk and Virginia 168 & Interstate 64. 01/06/01

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