California 119

California 119 travels east from California 33 in Taft to Interstate 5 at Exit 244 and California 99 near Pumpkin Center.

California 119 east
California 119 reaches its northern terminus at Pumpkin Center where it meets California 99. This is the former junction of U.S. 399 north (California 119) with U.S. 99 (California 99) prior to 1964. While California 119 ends here, U.S. 399 used to continue north along with U.S. 99 into Bakersfield. Photo taken by Pete Sison, 05/20/03.
California 119 west
This is the first California 119 west reassurance shield after the California 99 interchange in Pumpkin Center in rural Kern County. Photo taken by Joel Windmiller (06/19/01).
California 119 approaches its western terminus at California 33 in Taft. Prior to 1964, U.S. 399 turned south along today's California 33 toward Ventura. Photo taken by Joel Windmiller (07/08/01).
An end shield is posted for California 119 west at the intersection with California 33 in Taft. Photo taken by Joel Windmiller (07/08/01).

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