California 184

California 184 is the Weedpatch Highway, connecting California 223 south of Weedpatch with California 178 northeast of Bakersfield. While some maps show Wheeler Ridge Road between Interstate 5 and California 223 as part of California 184, it is not clear this segment was ever part of the state route.

California 184 north
After the intersection between Niles Street (former California 178) and California 184 (Morning Drive), northbound California 184 follows Kern Canyon Road toward its junction with California 178. Photo taken 10/07/06.
The highway quickly reduces to two lanes. Photo taken 10/07/06.
Development lines the southeast side of the highway (including Hillcrest Memorial Park), while the hills to the northwest are not developed. Photo taken 10/07/06.
At this point, California 184 finally enters the city of Bakersfield. Founded in 1869 and incorporated in 1873, Bakersfield is a regional agricultural hub and located near the major oil fields of Oildale and Taft. The city had a population of 247,057 people as of the 2000 Census and had grown throughout the ensuing decade. The city sits at an elevation of 408 feet above seal level, consists of 140.53 square miles, and is located at the southern end of the Central Valley. Located at the crossroads of California 58, California 99, and California 178, the city used to sit at the point where U.S. 99, U.S. 399, U.S. 466, and California 178 met. Photo taken 10/07/06.
California 184 approaches California 178 as the highway turns sharply north. Photo taken 10/07/06.
Northbound California 184 meets California 178. Turn left to follow the California 178 west to downtown Bakersfield. Turn right to follow California 178 east through Kern River Canyon to Lake Isabella. Photo taken 10/07/06.

California 184 south
This is the first California 184 south reassurance shield after the California 178 intersection. Photo taken 03/15/09.
South of California 178, California 184 heads southwest to the intersection of Niles Street (former California 178) and Morning Drive. California 184 turns due south on Morning Drive, while Niles Street continues straight ahead into downtown. More than likely, California 178 used to be routed along Niles Street before the freeway was constructed. Photo taken 01/21/04.
This is the first shield along southbound California 184 on Morning Drive after the intersection with Niles Street (Old California 178). California 184 becomes the Weedpatch Highway after it crosses Edison Highway, which is old U.S. 466 (and was briefly known as California 58 Business). Photo taken 01/21/04.
Southbound California 184 (Morning Drive) approaches Mills Drive and Breckenridge Road. Photo taken 03/15/09.
The next signalized intersection along California 184 south is with Historic U.S. 466 (Edison Highway). Photo taken 03/15/09.
The only interchange along California 184 is with the California 58 freeway east of Bakersfield. The first right connects to California 58 west to California 99; the second right connects to California 58 east to Tehachapi. Photos taken 01/21/04 and 03/15/09.
Southbound California 184 meets the California 58 freeway on-ramp east to Tehachapi, Mojave, and Barstow. Photos taken 01/21/04 and 03/15/09.
A pair of high-voltage transmission towers pass over both California 184 and California 58. This view is just south of the California 58-184 interchange. Photo taken 03/15/09.
This mileage sign along California 184 south provides the distance to Lamont (five miles), Arvin (14 miles), and Interstate 5 near Wheeler Ridge (26 miles). Photo taken 03/15/09.
Southbound California 184 used to continue south of here along Wheeler Ridge Road, meeting Interstate 5 at Wheeler Ridge at the foot of the Grapevine. Mileage signs mention Wheeler Ridge and Los Angeles south of California 223, but this section of highway is no longer state-maintained. Photo taken 01/21/04.
Southbound California 184 comes to its end as it approaches California 223, Bear Mountain Road. Photo taken 01/21/04.
Wheeler Ridge Road south
After the intersection with California 223, the state highway ends but the road continues. Now on a Kern County-maintained highway, Wheeler Ridge Road leads due south to merge with Interstate 5 near Wheeler Ridge. Photo taken 03/15/09.
Three single-circuit Southern California Edison 220kV power transmission lines cross over Wheeler Ridge Road. These lines will eventually share alignment with Path 26, part of the major north-south power transmission corridor between Northern California and Southern California. Photos taken 03/15/09.
Shortly thereafter, a single-circuit Pacific Gas and Electric 500V power transmission lines crosses over Wheeler Ridge Road. This line, which is part of Path 26, carries electricity between the Midway substation in Buttonwillow to the Vincent substation off California 14 and the Angeles Forest Highway near Soledad Pass. The northern portion of this line was built by Pacific Gas and Electric and has 500kV towers based on the standard PG&E design. Upon crossing the Tehachapi Mountains to the southeast of here, the lines change into Southern California Edison 500kV towers. Since this line travels through some very remote terrain, the next place to see this line to the southeast is on California 138, and by that point it is Southern California Edison. Photos taken 03/15/09.
As Wheeler Ridge Road continues to gain elevation, the Grapevine and Tejon Ranch come into view. At Wheeler Ridge, Interstate 5 continues south through the Tehachapi Mountains en route to Los Angeles. Most of the terrain here at the southern end of the Central Valley is fertile, irrigated, and agricultural. Photo taken 03/15/09.
Southbound Wheeler Ridge Road approaches Wheeler Ridge and Interstate 5. Gas and food are available at the interchange, which is signed for Laval Road. Photo taken 03/15/09.
California 184 scenes
Eastbound Niles Street, which served as California 178 until the freeway bypass was built in northeastern Bakersfield, approaches California 184. From this intersection, California 184 proceeds northeast along former California 178 en route to the freeway bypass. To the south, California 184 travels along Morning Drive toward the unincorporated communities of Magunden, Mayfair, and Lamont. Photo taken 10/07/06.

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