California 188

California 188 follows Tecate Road between California 94 and Mexico via the Tecate Port of Entry in San Diego County. The state route is only two lanes wide and serves the only border crossing between San Diego and Calexico (although a border crossing at Jacumba has been proposed or considered).

California 188 (Tecate Road) south
After departing California 94, this is the first reassurance shield for California 188. The state route travels about two miles south to the International Border with Mexico. Photos taken 08/22/04 and 07/98.
California 188 has two lanes as it travels due south along Tecate Road toward Tecate. The sprawling Mexican city can be seen in the distance, with its signs of urbanization a direct contrast with the rural characteristics of the U.S. side of the border. Photo taken 08/22/04.
Almost all of the development seen in the distance is part of the Mexican city of Tecate. A small city in the state of Baja California, Tecate had a population of 59,124 as of the 2005 Mexican Census. Tecate is the seat of the Tecate Municipality, of which there are five in the state of Baja California. Home the original Tecate brewery, Tecate also hosts a campus of Universidad Autonoma de Baja California and is only 40 miles east of Tijuana via the Mexico Federal Route 2 toll road (all freeway to the eastern edges of the city of Tijuana). Photo taken 08/22/04.
California 188 enters the unincorporated community of Tecate. There are not many services available on the U.S. side of the border, although large parking areas allow for crossing into Mexico for a visit into downtown Tecate. Note that it is illegal to bring any kind of firearm into Mexico; violations are met with severe penalties. Photo taken 08/22/04.
Southbound California 188 comes to an end as we enter the Port of Entry (International Border Crossing into Mexico). Photos taken 08/22/04 and 07/98.
California 188 (Tecate Road) north
California 188 (Tecate Road) begins its northbound journey at the International Border crossing at Tecate. The green guide sign indicates that it is two miles from this point to east-west California 94, which connects this border crossing with San Diego (west) and Interstate 8 (east). Photo taken 08/22/04.
California 188 scenes
A chain link fence is briefly interrupted by a obelisk that designates the border between the United States and Mexico near the Port of Entry. This monument located just east of California 188 in Tecate. Photo taken 07/98.

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