California 187

California 187 is Venice Boulevard, a wide urban boulevard that connects California 1 with Interstate 10 east of Venice Beach. The route is unsigned, although previous attempts at signing California 187 have been met with stolen signs (an "EAST" banner without a shield can be found on eastbound Venice Boulevard after the California 1 intersection). The route carries a great deal of local traffic and is three to four lanes wide in each direction.

California 187 (Venice Boulevard) east
California 187 is mostly unsigned as it follows Venice Boulevard between California 1 and Interstate 10. However, an EAST banner without a California 187 route marker is posted along eastbound Venice Boulevard after the California 1 (Lincoln Boulevard) intersection. Photo taken 03/25/07.
Venice Boulevard carries three lanes in each direction and separates the cities of Los Angeles and Culver City. Photo taken 03/25/07.
An urban street, Venice Boulevard proceeds through densely populated residential and commercial areas. Photo taken 03/25/07.
The Pacific Electric Railway used to follow Venice Boulevard until its demise by the 1950s. Photo taken 03/25/07.

Eastbound California 187 (Venice Boulevard) approaches Walgrove Avenue. Photo taken 03/25/07.
Venice Boulevard passes by Venice High School and meets Beethoven Street at this traffic signal. A business district lines both sides of Venice Boulevard. Photo taken 03/25/07.
A major intersection is between California 187 (Venice Boulevard) and Centinela Avenue, which travels north toward Santa Monica Municipal Airport and south toward the Westchester District. Photo taken 03/25/07.
Several blocks to the northeast, California 187 (Venice Boulevard) approaches Interstate 405 (San Diego Freeway). Use Interstate 405 north to the San Fernando Valley or south to Long Beach and San Diego. Photo taken 03/25/07.
Turn right from Venice Boulevard north onto Sawtella Boulevard to access Interstate 405 south. Photo taken 03/25/07.
California 187 (Venice Boulevard) approaches and passes under the Interstate 405 mainline. Photo taken 03/25/07.
After passing under Interstate 405, turn right onto Sepulveda Boulevard (old California 7) to connect to Interstate 405 north to Interstate 10, Santa Monica, San Fernando Valley, Bakersfield, and Sacramento. Photo taken 03/25/07.
Eastbound California 187 (Venice Boulevard) approaches Overland Avenue. Turn left on Overland Avenue to connect to Interstate 10 (or continue east on Venice Boulevard). Photo taken 03/25/07.
Continuing east, California 187 (Venice Boulevard) approaches Bagley Avenue and Main Street. Photo taken 03/25/07.
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power transmission lines follow California 187 (Venice Boulevard) as we head northeast to our junction with Interstate 10. Photo taken 03/25/07.
Eastbound California 187 (Venice Boulevard) approaches National Boulevard, which also connects to Interstate 10. Photo taken 03/25/07.
Approaching the interchange with Interstate 10, eastbound California 187 (Venice Boulevard) approaches La Cienega Boulevard, which offers an expressway-type route south to Interstate 405. Stay in the right lane for the link to Interstate 10 east. Turn left here for Interstate 10 west. Photo taken 03/25/07.
An on-ramp directly links eastbound California 187 (Venice Boulevard) to Interstate 10 east to downtown Los Angeles. Photo taken 03/25/07.
California 187 ends at the intersection with Cadillac Avenue. No end shield is posted. Photo taken 03/25/07.

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