California 200

California 200 connects U.S. 101 with California 299 near Mad River via North Bank Road. Only portions of the route are signed.

California 200 east
Now traveling east on California 200/North Bank Road, this mileage sign is located shortly after the U.S. 101 and Central Avenue interchange north of the Mad River in McKinleyville. The junction with California 299 is only two miles east of here, after the entrance to Azalea State Reserve. Photo taken 05/28/06.
There are no California 200 reassurance shields on eastbound. North Bank Road is generally a winding, two-lane highway through rural areas. Photo taken 05/28/06.
The drive along California 200/North Bank Road is heavily forested as it travels along the north side of the Mad River. Photo taken 05/28/06.

Eastbound California 200 meets the entrance road to Azalea State Reserve. This 30-acre reserve is home to a profusion of western azalea (Rhododendron occidentale), which bloom each spring. Photo taken 05/28/06.
Continuing east, California 200/North Bank Road makes another "S" curve. Photo taken 05/28/06.
Shortly thereafter, eastbound California 200/North Bank Road approaches Hunts Road. Photo taken 05/28/06.
Several houses are located on the south side of California 200/North Bank Road as we approach the junction with California 299. Photo taken 05/28/06.
Approaching the junction with California 299, the first ramp connects to California 299 west to Arcata and Eureka, while the second ramp (straight ahead) connects to California 299 east to Blue Lake. Photo taken 05/28/06.
A California 299 freeway entrance shield assembly is posted for the connection to westbound. Photo taken 05/28/06.
The interchange between California 200 and California 299 is signed as the "Route 200/299 Separation." Photo taken 05/28/06.
After crossing over the freeway, eastbound California 200 ends and merges directly onto California 299 east. Photo taken 05/28/06.

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