California 201

Starting at its interchange with California 99 in Kingsburg, California 201 is an east-west rural highway that connects California 99 with California 245 northwest of Woodlake via Cutler and Yettem.

California 201 east
The first shield along eastbound California 201 after the California 99 interchange is this neutered shield at the railroad crossing. Neutered (no state name) shields such as this one are rare on California's state highway system, but a few exist here and there. California 201 continues east from here ultimately to meet California 245 north of Woodlake. Photo taken 08/15/03.
This scene along eastbound California 201/Avenue 400 is near Dinuba, between California 99/Kingsburg and California 63/Cutler. Most of California 201 is two-lane rural highway. Photo taken by Trevor Carrier, 04/04/04.
Eastbound California 201/Avenue 400 reaches California 63 south of Cutler. California 201 east turns south on California 63 briefly, then continues east along Avenue 384 to Yettem and Elderwood, where it ends at California 245. Photo taken by Trevor Carrier, 04/04/04.
California 201 west
California 201 reaches its western terminus once it reaches California 99 in Kingsburg after crossing the railroad tracks. This junction sign is unusual for featuring a text "State 99" rather than a California 99 shield. Photo taken 08/15/03.
Westbound California 201 at the freeway entrance for northbound California 99 in Kingsburg. Note the end shield assembly in the shadow of the freeway overpass. Photo taken 08/15/03.
California 201 scenes
California 201 is also known as Avenue 400 in Tulare County as shown in this picture. Note the unusual sign used for Avenue 400 here. Photo taken by Trevor Carrier, 04/04/04.

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