California 236

California 236 is a short, "C"-shaped route that connects to California 9 on either side. It leads west from California 9 at Boulder Creek into the Big Basin Redwoods State Park, and it turns north just prior to the park entrance. The highway narrows to one and a half lanes after it passes by the visitors center so that it causes minimal disruption to the tall trees in and around the park. After leaving the park, California 236 turns east to return to California 9.

California 236 north
Northbound California 236 crosses over a creek near Lucille's Court. This is one of several older-style bridges located along the highway before it reaches the state park. Photos taken 12/27/01.
California 236 enters the Big Basin Redwoods State Park at this point. Photo taken 12/27/01.
The highway was recently paved when this picture was taken. At the right side of the roadway (along northbound) is a small sign welcoming visitors to another of California's state parks. Photo taken 12/27/01.

These pictures show the one and a half lane portion of California 236 between the visitors center and a point north of the state park boundary. In the basin, tall redwood trees surround the roadway, but California 236 ascends out of the valley to provide some beautiful vistas of the countryside. Photos taken 12/27/01.
Northbound California 236 approaches California 9. This marks the northern terminus of California 236. Photo taken 12/27/01.
An end California 236 shield is posted along northbound at its junction with California 9. From here, California 9 continues north through the Santa Cruz Mountains into Saratoga and Los Gatos. Photo taken 12/27/01.
California 236 south
Begin Southbound California 236 after its junction with California 9. As noted by the sign, any large vehicles are not advised on this roadway due to the narrow roadway (only one and a half lanes wide at some intervals), sharp curves, and limited sight distance. Photo taken 12/27/01.

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