California 273

California 273 serves Anderson and Redding via Old U.S. 99 - Market Street. The old road is partially an expressway and it extends from Interstate 5 Exit 667 (Factory Outlets Road) to Interstate 5 Exit 681B (Market Street).

Between 1964 and the mid-1980s, California 273 was signed as Business Loop I-5 via Market Street. AAA California maps from the 1970s and 1980s show California 273 as Business Loop I-5. Going northbound from Interstate 5 the exit for what was once Business Loop I-5 just says Anderson. There is a standalone sign that says California 273. Although there is no California 273 shield on the exit sign, the whole road from Anderson to North of Redding is marked as California 273. Until you cross under the Union Pacific Railroad tracks, California 273 is pretty much the standard four-lane expressway with right and left turnouts. There are cross streets, some of which are controlled with lights. Caltrans is responsible for maintenance rather than the two cities. After crossing the Sacramento River, California 273 goes through this stretch that the locals call Miracle Mile, full of old motels now used as transient lodging. The stretch of California 273 from the Sacramento River to Interstate 5 is similar to the expressway between Anderson and Redding. Jerry Mullady adds that many old California U.S. highway expressways have a similar feel to them. The southbound exit for California 273 from Interstate 5 read "Market Street/Redding." There might be one or two business loop shields along this route, as well as an older sign that has the words "business loop" associated with a California 273 shield.

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