U.S. 101 Business

U.S. 101 Business serves the downtown area of Santa Maria, one of several cities in the Central Coast that is served by an instance of U.S. 101 Business. Generally, business routes follow the previous alignment of U.S. 101, but they don't always follow the original, first generation alignment of U.S. 101. This shield is posted along northbound after the Santa Maria Way intersection. Photo taken 09/29/07.

As the longest route in California, U.S. 101 has several business routes that mostly follow old alignments or routings through various cities. Not all old alignments of U.S. 101 are designated and signed as business routes; some cities are better are signing their business routes than others. The best business route signage is found on state-maintained business routes, but the vast majority of U.S. 101 business routes are locally maintained.

U.S. 101 Business Routes

Old Alignments of U.S. 101

List of U.S. 101 Business Alignments

  • Chula Vista - National City - San Diego (decommissioned around 1964 with conversion to Business Loop I-5): Beyer Boulevard, Broadway, National City Boulevard/Mile of Cars, Eighth Street, Harbor Drive, Pacific Highway
  • Oceanside (decommissioned around 1964 with conversion to Business Loop I-5): Coast Highway (now signed Historic U.S. 101)
  • Los Angeles (decommissioned around 1967; appeared on maps through 1980s): followed Ventura Boulevard from Exit 12A to Exit 27C
  • Ventura: follows Main Street from Exit 66B to 71
  • Santa Maria: follows Santa Maria Way west and California 135 north to U.S. 101, from Exit 167 to Exit 173
  • Arroyo Grande: follows Traffic Way and California 227/West Branch Street from Exit 186 to Exit 187A-B
  • Pismo Beach/Grover Beach: follows Price Street from Exit 190 to 191B
  • San Luis Obispo: follows Marsh Street/Higuera Street one-way couplet into downtown, then follows Monterey Street back to U.S. 101 between Exit 202A and Exit 204 (not signed at all from either direction of mainline U.S. 101)
  • Atascadero: follows Traffic Way, Potrero Road, Del Rio Road from Exit 220A to Exit 222
  • Templeton: follows Vineyard Drive, Old County Road, and Main Street from Exit 224 to Exit 226
  • Paso Robles: follows Spring Street from Exit 229 to Exit 232
  • King City: follows South First Street and Broadway (Monterey County G-13 and G-15) from Exit 281 to Exit 282A-B
  • Greenfield: follows El Camino Real from Exit 293 to Exit 295
  • Soledad: follows California 146/Front Street from Exit 302 to Exit 303
  • Gonzales: follows Alta Street from Exit 310 to Exit 312
  • Salinas: follows Abbott Street north from area near Gould Street/Hartnell Street intersection (near Milepost 322) to California 68 (John Street); follows John Street west to Monterey Street/Salinas Street one-way couplet through downtown; continues north onto Main Street (known as California 183 between downtown and U.S. 101); and returns to U.S. 101 at Boronda Road (Exit 331)
  • Gilroy and Morgan Hill: follows Monterey Street and Cochrane Road from Exit 355 to Exit 367
  • Novato: follows Rowland Boulevard west to Redwood Boulevard to Atherton Avenue from Exit 462B to Exit 463
  • Petaluma: follows Petaluma Boulevard from Exit 472A to Exit 476
  • Santa Rosa: follows Santa Rosa Avenue and Mendocino Avenue from Exit 484B (or 488A) to Exit 492; southbound travelers must Hopper Avenue east to Cleveland Avenue south to Fountaingrove Parkway east to connect with Mendocino Avenue
  • Cloverdale: follows Cloverdale Boulevard (including segment of California 128 at north end) from Exit 519 to Exit 522
  • Ukiah (decommissioned/unsigned): followed State Street from Exit 546 to Exit 551
  • Garberville/Redway: follows Redwood Drive from Exit 639A to Exit 642
  • Rio Dell/Scotia: follows unsigned California 283 (Main Street) and Wildwood Avenue from Exit 679 to Exit 681
  • Fortuna: follows South Fortuna Boulevard and Main Street from Exit 687 to Exit 689
  • McKinleyville: follows Central Avenue from Exit 718 (California 200) to Exit 723

U.S. 101 Business - Cloverdale

Southbound U.S. 101 Business and eastbound California 128 Business (Cloverdale Boulevard) enter the city of Cloverdale, the northernmost city in Sonoma County, was incorporated on February 28, 1872, and it had a population of 8,618 as of the 2010 Census. The business routes were established in April 1994 when the Cloverdale bypass was built around the east side of downtown. Photo taken 07/05/13.
Cloverdale is "where the vineyards meet the redwoods." Photo taken 07/05/13.
Turning south and into the city center, Cloverdale Boulevard crosses over Cloverdale Creek, a tributary of the Russian River, which flows alongside the east side of U.S. 101 at the northern end of Alexander Valley. Photo taken 07/05/13.
U.S. 101 Business south and California 128 Business (Cloverdale Boulevard) east are cosigned on their way into downtown Cloverdale. We can recall when Cloverdale Bouelvard was the mainline of U.S. 101 and California 128 prior to the completion of the bypass in the 1990s. Traffic was slow, and Cloverdale had the northernmost traffic signal along U.S. 101. That distinction moved to Willits and its traffic signals when the Cloverdale bypass was constructed and U.S. 101 was moved onto that alignment. Photo taken 07/05/13.
Southbound Cloverdale Boulevard enters downtown Cloverdale, which has been redeveloped nicely since it shifted from state highway to city street. A monument sign is posted at the entrance to the downtown area. Photos taken 07/05/13.
Leaving downtown Cloverdale, U.S. 101 Business south and California 128 Business (Cloverdale Boulevard) east meets First Street at this traffic signal. Photo taken 07/05/13.
The next traffic signal along U.S. 101 Business south and California 128 Business (Cloverdale Boulevard) east is with Citrus Fair Drive. Turn left here to return to the U.S. 101 freeway at Exit 520 or continue ahead to follow U.S. 101 Business to rejoin U.S. 101 at Exit 519. Photo taken 07/05/13.
U.S. 101 Business and California 128 Business (Cloverdale Boulevard) proceed southeast through additional commercial areas south of downtown. Photo taken 07/05/13.
Southeastbound U.S. 101 Business and California 128 Business (Cloverdale Boulevard) approach Cherry Creek Road. Photo taken 07/05/13.
U.S. 101 Business and California 128 Business (Cloverdale Boulevard) approach a signalized intersection with Brookside Drive. Photo taken 07/05/13.
Another commercial area is found at the south end of the business route. Photo taken 07/05/13.
U.S. 101 Business and California 128 Business turn left off Cloverdale Boulevard to link back to U.S. 101 and California 128. A simple "freeway" sign points the way to U.S. 101; no business signs are posted along southbound Cloverdale Boulevard. Photo taken 07/05/13.
U.S. 101 Business and California 128 Business approach U.S. 101 and California 128 at this freeway interchange. Turn right for U.S. 101 and California 128 southeast to Santa Rosa, Calistoga, and San Francisco. After crossing over the freeway, turn left for U.S. 101 and California 128 northwest to Ukiah and Eureka. Photo taken 07/05/13.
The freeway entrance shield assembly shows only U.S. 101 and does not include California 128. Photo taken 07/05/13.

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