Interstate 80 East - Fernley to Lovelock

Interstate 80 East
Eastbound Interstate 80 around Milepost 58. East of Wadsworth and Fernley, Interstate 80 (and U.S. 95 Alternate at milepost 58) head northeast toward the Humboldt Sink through the 40 Mile Desert. This is the type of landscape that is common between Fernley and Lovelock. The horizon has fewer large mountains here than nearly anywhere else along Interstate 80 in Nevada. The Nightingale Hot Springs are only a few miles east of here. Photo taken in 1998.
Interstate 80 eastbound near milepost 79, the stretch between Jessup and Trinity. U.S. 95 northbound merges onto the freeway at Exit 83. Photo taken in 1998.
Interstate 80 eastbound approaching Lovelock West (Exit 104). Note the standalone business route signage ahead of the main exit. Photo taken 5/00 by Dominic Ielati.

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