Interstate 80 West - Reno Vicinity

Interstate 80 west
Now within the diamond interchange with Sparks Boulevard, the next exit along Interstate 80 east is Exit 19, Nevada 659/McCarran Boulevard to Business Loop I-80/Victorian Way west to downtown Sparks. This at-grade loop route takes motorists in a circle around the central business districts of both Sparks and Reno. Prior to 2009, Nevada 659 was known as Nevada 650 (east half) and Nevada 651 (west half). Photo taken 09/09/05.
This upcoming exits mileage sign lists the distances to the final three Sparks interchanges: Exit 19, Nevada 659/McCarran Boulevard; Exit 18, Nevada 445/Pyramid Way; and Exit 17, Nevada 668/Rock Boulevard. Photo taken 09/09/05.
The McCarran Boulevard partial-cloverleaf interchange also serves as the beginning of the Sparks Business Loop I-80. The business loop parallels Interstate 80 west by following old U.S. 40/Lincoln Highway along Victorian Avenue to B Street and Fourth Street in the city of Reno. Photo taken 09/09/05.
After the Nevada 659 and Business Loop I-80 interchange, the following interchange will be Exit 19, Nevada 445. As for Nevada 659/McCarran Boulevard, it will continue south of the freeway one mile to Greg Street, 2.8 miles to Rock Boulevard, and 6.2 miles to Virginia Street (U.S. 395 Business). Photo taken 09/09/05.
Westbound Interstate 80 reaches Exit 19, Nevada 659/McCarran Boulevard to Business Loop I-80 and U.S. 40/Victorian Avenue west. McCarran Boulevard comprises a busy surface arterial throughout the vicinity of the Interstate 80 interchange. Travel services and shopping centers lie along the busy corridor. Business Loop I-80 and U.S. 40 parallel the freeway closely through to Exit 18 (Nevada 445). Photo taken 09/09/05.
A trailblazer guide sign for Business Loop I-80 (U.S. 40/Victorian Way) is posted on the offramp to Exit 19. Photo taken 09/09/05.
This Interstate 80 west reassurance marker is posted along the elevated stretch of freeway between Nevada 659/McCarran Boulevard and Nevada 445/Pyramid Way (Exit 18). The high rise to the left is that of the 28-story Nugget casino, opened in 1984. Provisions for an eventual third main westbound lane had been added through Sparks by 2009. Photos taken 07/19/09 and 09/09/05.
Westbound Interstate 80 reaches Exit 18, Nevada 445/Pyramid Way north. Nevada 445 is a fairly long state route that ventures 41.574 miles north from Interstate 80 in Sparks to Sutcliffe along the shores of Pyramid Lake and ultimately the California state line. Nugget Avenue, an eastbound side frontage road, ties into the diamond interchange from the south. Photos taken 07/19/09 and 09/09/05.

The next exit along Interstate 80 west is Exit 17, Nevada 668/Rock Boulevard, a north-south surface arterial, intersects Interstate 80 at the Exit 17 diamond interchange. While Nevada 668 is a very short segment of roadway between Interstate 80 and Business Loop I-80, Rock Boulevard is a much longer roadway that begins at Nevada 659/McCarran Boulevard southeast of here and meanders along the backside of Reno-Tahoe International Airport to Greg Street, Glendale Avenue, Interstate 80, and ultimately end at Nevada 659/McCarran Boulevard again. Victorian Avenue and 4th Street (Business Loop I-80) cross Interstate 80 in 0.75 miles at Exit 16. Photos taken 07/19/09 and 09/09/05.
Westbound Interstate 80 reaches Exit 17, Nevada 668/Rock Boulevard. The state maintained section is only for a short distance north and south of the Interstate 80 interchange and does not include the entire street. From here, Rock Boulevard continues 0.9 north miles to Oddie Boulevard (former Nevada 663) and 1.6 miles to its end at Nevada 659 (McCarran Boulevard). Photos taken 07/19/09 and 09/09/05.
The next exit along Interstate 80 west is Exit 16, Junction Business Loop I-80 and U.S. 40/Fourth Street east to Sparks and west to Reno. A portion of Fourth Street near this interchange that is state maintained is designated as Nevada 647. The area of Victorian Avenue between 16th Street and Pyramid Way within the City of Sparks is known as Victorian Square. This area is popular for casinos, museums, parks, and annual festivals such as Hot August Nights. Photo taken 09/09/05.
The downtown skyline of Reno rises in the foreground of the Sierra Nevada as Interstate 80 nears the Exit 16 off-ramp. The freeway leaves the city of Sparks for the city of Reno just west of the 4th Street underpass. Photo taken 09/09/05.
Westbound Interstate 80 reaches Exit 16, Junction Business Loop I-80 and U.S. 40/Fourth Street east to Sparks and west to Reno. Use this interchange to Prater Boulevard, which enters the scene from east Sparks and transitions to 4th Street at the Reno city line. Victorian Avenue (Business Loop I-80 & Historic U.S. 40) ends at 4th Street near its intersection with El Rancho Drive north and Kietzke Lane south. Business Loop I-80 is not signed from Interstate 80 at this interchange. Photo taken 09/09/05.
The following interchange is Exit 15, Interstate 580 south and U.S. 395/North-South Freeway. Travelers destined for Reno-Tahoe International Airport are advised to take Interstate 580 and U.S. 395/Martin Luther King Jr. Highway (North-South Freeway) south to Exit 65. This busy freeway directly serves the airport passenger terminal. Photo taken 09/09/05.
A pair of lanes will depart from Interstate 80 westbound at the Exit 15 directional-cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 580 south and U.S. 395. U.S. 395 provides the main route between Carson City, Reno, and the northern suburbs. The U.S. highway continues as a freeway all the way to the California state line, and as an expressway from there to California 70. As of 2005, Interstate 580 only entails 4.99 miles of the U.S. 395 freeway from Interstate 80 south to Nevada 667 (Del Monte Lane / Neil Road). This is likely to change with the completion of the segment of freeway south of Mt. Rose Junction. Photo taken 09/09/05.
An original set of guide signs remains in use at the Exit 15 ramp partitioning between Interstate 580 and U.S. 395 south to Carson City and U.S. 395 north to Susanville. U.S. 395 follows a full freeway from Interstate 80 south to Nevada 431 (Mt. Rose Highway) in south Reno. From there the highway follows a four-lane surface highway to Washoe Lake with construction of a freeway to the west. A short freeway continues the U.S. highway south along the western lake shore ahead of Carson City. In Carson City itself, construction is underway involving a freeway bypass of the Nevada capital city. U.S. 395 will relocate onto the new limited access highway upon completion by 2010. At that time Interstate 580 will emerge from obscurity and co-sign with U.S. 395 from Interstate 80 to Carson City. Photo taken 09/09/05.
A centerline posted upcoming exits sign listing the next three Reno interchanges. Reno, known as the "Biggest Little City in the World", began as little more than a crossing of the Truckee River and railroad and mining town. Reno had a population of 180,480 as of the 2000 Census and sits at an elevation of 4,505 feet above sea level. Reno is the seat of Washoe County. According to the city of Reno's webpage, the city of Reno was officially established on May 13, 1868. Reno was named after named after Civil War General Jesse Reno. The industrial town grew slowly until the turn of the 20th century when Reno gained interest as a "divorce destination", a place where unhappy couples could live briefly before having their nuptials undone legally. The residency requirement for divorces brought the town notoriety as the country's "sexiest town". Legal gambling and instant marriages arrived in the late 1920s to compliment Reno's growth and economy as a tourist destination. By the 1950s, Reno city planners witnessed the growth of Las Vegas and enacted a red line around the central business district to limit the gambling district expansion. This controlled growth through the 1970s, but in the 1980s, city planners decided to remove the boundary and allow a major casino boom and associated population increase. The increase of the Reno metropolitan area continues to this day. Due to its position east of the Sierra Nevada and within the rainshadow, Reno only sees an average annual precipitation (rain and snow) of 7.48 inches, which is quite a bit less than seen in California's Central Valley on the west side of the same mountain chain. The downtown cityscape includes towering hotels and casinos. With tourism a huge part of the local economy, many travelers from Northern California visit Reno for the nightlife, entertainment, gambling, and fine dining. Photo taken 09/09/05.
Wells Avenue arcs southwest from Oddie Boulevard (former Nevada 663) to connect with Interstate 80 at Exit 14. The surface roadway continues south 2.1 miles to its end at U.S. 395 Business (Virginia Street). Pictured here is the approach sign bridge for Exit 14 and the adjacent sound wall. Sound barriers in Reno feature a "Sierra Nevada" silhouette motif. Photo taken 09/09/05.
Interstate 80 west meets Exit 14, Wells Avenue (diamond interchange). Wells Avenue transitions into Oddie Boulevard (Nevada 663) 0.7 miles to the north at the intersection with Sutro Street. Sutro Street passes underneath Interstate 80 ahead of Wells Avenue off-ramp. Photo taken 09/09/05.
The next exit along Interstate 80 west is Exit 13, U.S. 395 Business/Virginia Street at a split-diamond interchange. U.S. 395 Business (which used to be well-signed on Interstate 80 guide signs until the late 1990s) follows all of Virginia Street (original U.S. 395) from south Reno (Exit 63) northward to Panther Valley (Exit 72). Keystone Avenue returns Business Loop I-80 to Interstate 80 from 4th Street at Exit 12. Nevada 659/McCarran Boulevard meets Interstate 80 in three miles at Exit 10. Photo taken 09/09/05.
Use U.S. 395 Business/Virginia Street north from Exit 13 to the University of Nevada-Reno campus,and the Fleischmann Planetarium and Science Center. This exit also serves Nevada 660/Sierra Street (former U.S. 395 Alternate). Sierra Street parallels Virginia Street with generally one city block separating them. Photo taken 09/09/05.
Valley Road passes over Interstate 80 ahead of the Exit 13 off-ramp onto 8th Street west for U.S. 395 Business/Virginia Street. The Reno central business district lies along Virginia Street south of the freeway at 4th Street (Business Loop I-80 and Nevada 647). Photo taken 09/09/05.
Interstate 80 maintains six overall lanes as it skims the northern reaches of downtown Reno. A two-lane off-ramp ascends from the freeway onto 8th Street westbound. 8th Street westbound and Maple Street eastbound carry motorists between U.S. 395 Business (Virginia Street) and the on and off-ramps for Interstate 80. Photo taken 09/09/05.
Westbound Interstate 80 crosses the Ralston Street over crossing prior to the Keystone Avenue (Exit 12) two-lane off-ramp. Keystone Avenue meanders 1.2 miles north from California Avenue to Interstate 80 and 7th Street. The surface arterial carries Business Loop Interstate 80 from 4th Street northward. Photo taken 09/09/05.
Interstate 80 west reaches Exit 12, Keystone Avenue (to Business Loop i-80 east and U.S. 40). This interchange consists of a single point urban interchange (SPUI) between Interstate 80 and Business Loop I-80/Keystone Avenue. Keystone Avenue continues 1.7 miles northwest to Nevada 659/McCarran Boulevard. Fourth Street (Historic U.S. 40 and Nevada 647) lies one quarter mile to the south. Photo taken 09/09/05.
Nevada 659/McCarran Boulevard returns to intersect Interstate 80 for a second time at Exit 10. The Reno-Sparks belt route carries Nevada 659 all the way around the cities. The arterial continues south 4.2 miles to meet Skyline Boulevard and 7.2 miles to U.S. 395 and Virginia Street. Photo taken 09/09/05.
The final three Reno interchanges are Exit 10, Nevada 659/McCarran Boulevard west; Exit 9, Robb Drive, and Exit 8, Nevada 647 and U.S. 40, Fourth Street. Photo taken 09/09/05.
Drawing to within one half mile of the Exit 10 diamond interchange with McCarran Boulevard (Nevada 659) on Interstate 80. McCarran Boulevard does not provide a viable bypass route for through traffic due to its over development. Interstate 80 through the city remains the best route for long distance traffic. Photo taken 09/09/05.
Westbound Interstate 80 reaches Exit 10, Nevada 659/McCarran Boulevard, which intersects Mae Anne Avenue and Seventh Street within one mile of the freeway to the north. Nevada 647 (4th Street) crosses McCarran Boulevard 0.8 miles to the south. Photo taken 09/09/05.
Robb Drive ties into Interstate 80 just one quarter mile west of the Nevada 659/McCarran Boulevard interchange at Exit 9. Robb Drive spurs 3.2 miles north from the freeway into residential areas of west Reno. Photo taken 09/09/05.
Westbound Interstate 80 reaches Exit 9, Robb Drive. A partial-cloverleaf interchange facilitates the movements between Interstate 80 and Robb Drive at Exit 9. Robb Drive intersects Mae Anne Drive, an east-west surface arterial, in 1.3 miles. Photo taken 09/09/05.
This mileage sign is posted along Interstate 80 west about four miles east of Verdi. The sign includes the distances to Truckee and Sacramento, both of which lie ahead within the Golden State. Photo taken 09/09/05.
Nevada 647 (4th Street) merges onto Interstate 80 via the Exit 8 partial-diamond interchange. From there the freeway leaves Reno and enters the community of Mogul, which is a residential suburb west of the Reno city line that provides no traveler services. Photo taken 09/09/05.
Exit 7 leaves Interstate 80 for the adjacent West Fourth Street, which ends at the intersection with Silva Ranch and Mogul Roads. Silva Ranch Road parallels Interstate 80 west to Mogul Mountain Road and Mogul Park. Mogul Road meanwhile spurs southwest to a warehouse facility. Through trucks are discouraged from Exit 7 as there is no outlet to the west. Photo taken 07/19/08.
Westbound Interstate 80 meets Exit 7, West Fourth Street to Mogul. Photo taken 09/05/10.
The next exit along Interstate 80 west is Exit 6, Truck Parking Area (one-half mile). Photo taken 09/05/10.
An Interstate 80 west reassurance route marker is posted along westbound after the onramp from Exit 7 (Mogul) and Exit 6 (Truck Parking Area). Photo taken 09/05/10.
A overhead variable (changeable/dynamic) message sign is posted along Interstate 80 west prior to Exit 6, Truck Parking Area. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Use Exit 6 for a Check Station (Weight Station/Port of Entry) in addition to the Truck Parking Area. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Westbound Interstate 80 reaches Exit 6, Truck Parking Area and Check Station. Photo taken 09/05/10.
The Truck Parking Area is available to disabled and distressed vehicles as well as trucks. Photo taken 09/05/10.
The next exit along Interstate 80 west is Exit 5 for Business Loop I-80 and Nevada 425 (Third Street) west to Verdi. Departing the freeway ahead is 4.3-mile long alignment of old U.S. 40, which is signed as both Nevada 425 and Business Loop I-80. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Old U.S. 40 carries the designation of Business Loop I-80 between Exits 5 and 1. The business loop cosigns with Nevada 425 for 3.359 miles between Exit 5 and 2 in Verdi. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Another confirming marker for Interstate 80 west. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Westbound Interstate 80 reaches Exit 5, Junction Business Loop I-80 and Nevada 425. A partial "Y" interchange carries motorists from Interstate 80 west onto Business Loop I-80 and Nevada 425 (Third Street and Old U.S. 40). Verdi itself lies north of Exit 3 at the intersection of 3rd Street, Bridge Street, and Verdi Road. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Departing the freeway at Exit 5, look for a roundabout/traffic circle at the base of the offramp. Follows the signs to connect to Somersett Ridge Parkway or Business Loop I-80 and Nevada 425/Third Street west to Verdi. The business route follows Old U.S. 40 into Verdi. Photos taken 09/05/10.
At the end of the traffic circle, follow the "SR 425" sign to continue west on Business Loop I-80 and Old U.S. 40 to Verdi. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Back on the mainline of Interstate 80 west, the next exit along westbound is Exit 4, Boomtown Garson Road. This street spurs south from Verdi Road to meet Interstate 80 at the Exit 4 partial-cloverleaf interchange. The interchange serves residential areas to the south. Photo taken 09/09/05.
The next exit along Interstate 80 west is Exit 3, Verdi Road to Business Loop I-80 and Old U.S. 40. Verdi Road parallels the Union Pacific Railroad west to Bridge Street in the heart of Verdi. From there the road and railroad line curve southwest to cross paths with Interstate 80 at Exit 3. Photo taken 07/23/09.
Exit 3 consists of a half-diamond interchange between Interstate 80 west and Verdi Road and Crystal Peak Road. Crystal Peak Road ties into the exit from Crystal Peak Park to the west. Quilici Ranch Road spurs south from Crystal Peak Road along the railroad line to Old Verdi Road. Photo taken 09/09/05.
At the end of the ramp to Exit 3, Verdi Road, is this Business Loop I-80 trailblazer shield. While Exit 3 does not directly interchange with the business route, travelers may turn right on Verdi Road to Third Street in downtown Verdi and thus meet the business loop. Turn left at the stop sign for Crystal Peak Road and Quilici Ranch (Old Verdi) Road; turn right on Verdi Road to downtown and Business Loop I-80/Third Street (Nevada 425). Photo taken 07/18/09.
The final two off-ramps of Interstate 80 westbound in Nevada both tie into the adjacent Business Loop I-80/Third Street and Gold Ranch Road. The former U.S. 40 alignment leaves Verdi and parallels the freeway along the westbound side. Photo taken 07/23/09.
Interstate 80 crosses over the Truckee River at the southward turn toward the California state line. Ramps to and from Interstate 80 eastbound pass overhead in this scene. Photo taken 07/23/09.
The next interchange along Interstate 80 west is Exit 2, which links Interstate 80 westbound with the adjacent Gold Ranch Road (Business Loop I-80). The ramp ties into the business loop across from the Gold Ranch Casino. Photo taken 07/23/09.
Westbound Interstate 80 meets exit Exit 2, Gold Ranch Road to Business Loop I-80 and Terrible's Gold Ranch Casino. Photo taken 07/23/09.
A tire chain installation area is located on the shoulder of the freeway prior to the final offramp along Interstate 80 west in Nevada. Photo taken 07/23/09.
Soon thereafter, Interstate 80 west meets Exit 1, Junction Business Loop I-80/Third Street north (frontage road) and Old U.S. 40; traffic from the business route will merge onto Interstate 80 westbound after the slip ramp. Mahogany Canyon Road spurs splits from the on-ramp onto the adjacent hillside. Gold Ranch Road otherwise continues back north to Trelease Lane and Verdi. Photo taken 07/23/09.
This suite of photos shows Interstate 80 approach and cross the Nevada-California state line. The vistas along the four-lane freeway are second to none long the stretch of Interstate 80 between Fort Lee, New Jersey and San Francisco, California. The Sierra Nevada rises high above the freeway between Verdi and Floriston, California. Verdi Peak (elevation 8,444 feet above sea level) lies just west of the town by the same name. Note the lack of trees along the east facing hills. The lack of vegetation is indicative of the rain shadow caused by the higher peaks to the west in California. The Truckee River and Union Pacific Railroad line continue to parallel Interstate 80 westward to Truckee, California. Milepost zero appropriately affixes to the California Welcome sign in the final scene. Photos taken 09/09/05.

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