Nevada 88

This view looks east from Nevada 88 toward Gardnerville in the Carson Valley. The north-south state route brings traffic from Markleeville and the Carson Pass en route to Minden and Gardnerville. Photo taken 07/18/09.


Nevada 88 is the continuation of California 88 from Stockton to the Nevada State Line via Jackson and Carson Pass. Within Nevada, the state route travels due north from the state line northeast of Woodfords to U.S. 395 in Minden.

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Nevada 88 north
Leaving the Golden State of California, eastbound California 88 transitions onto northbound Nevada 88 south of Minden and southwest of Gardnerville in Douglas County in the Silver State of Nevada. Greeting us along Nevada 88 is a welcome sign, but no casinos are located here (which is something of an oddity, since many state routes that pass between California and Nevada have at least one casino welcoming visitors at the state line). Photo taken 07/18/09.
This Nevada 88 east reassurance shield is posted after the intersection with Nevada 206/Fairview Lane (not shown). Nevada 206 travels west and then north through Sheridan, Mottsville, Walleys Hot Springs, and Genoa before ending at U.S. 395 north of Minden and south of Carson City. Despite the EAST cardinal direction, Nevada 88 travels due north for its entire run in Nevada. Photo taken 07/18/09.
Ranches and farms line both sides of Nevada 88 as we proceed north toward Minden. Photo taken 07/18/09.
in the Carson Valley, the Carson River is split into two main forks (East and West) and is fed by multiple tributaries, including creeks that carry mountain runoff and water from hot springs. The entire valley is fertile and on a floodplain. Photo taken 07/18/09.
Northbound Nevada 88 approaches Kimmerling Road (right turn). Photo taken 07/18/09.
The next major intersection along Nevada 88 north is with Nevada 756/Centerville Lane. Photo taken 07/18/09.
Nevada 88 enters the town of Gardnerville, one of three incorporated towns in the Carson Valley (the others are Genoa and Minden, the seat of Douglas County). Gardnerville had a population of 3,357 as of the 2000 Census and sits at an elevation of 4,750 feet above sea level. Nevada 88 skirts the western edge of the town, while Nevada 756 and U.S. 395 directly serve the town. Photo taken 07/18/09.
Turn right on Nevada 756/Centerville Lane to downtown Gardnerville. Centerville Lane also continues to the west of this intersection, traveling to Nevada 206/Foothill Road near Sheridan at the foot of the Carson Range that separates the Carson Valley from the Lake Tahoe basin. Photo taken 07/18/09.
Another Nevada 88 east (should be signed "north") reassurance shield is posted shortly after the Nevada 756 intersection. Photo taken 07/18/09.
Northbound Nevada 88 next approaches Mottsville (Waterloo) Lane west to Nevada 207/Kingsbury Grade to Lake Tahoe. Mottsville Lane is county-maintained between Nevada 88 and Nevada 206/Foothill Road in Mottsville, then it becomes Nevada 207 for the journey over the Carson Range. Photo taken 07/18/09.
A trailblazer shield for Nevada 207/Kingsbury Grade is posted prior to the intersection with Mottsville Lane. Photo taken 07/18/09.
Northbound Nevada 88 meets Mottsville Lane west to Nevada 207/Kingsbury Grade to Lake Tahoe and Waterloo Lane east to Nevada 756 in Gardnerville. Photo taken 07/18/09.
Continuing north, Nevada 88 approaches the town of Minden (population 2,836, elevation 4,724 feet above sea level). Smaller in population than Gardnerville, Minden is the seat of Douglas County and thus more commonly appears on highway signs leading into the Carson Valley. The final two intersections along northbound are a roundabout followed by the junction with U.S. 395. Photo taken 07/18/09.
To reduce the speed of motorists traveling along Nevada 88, a roundabout was installed to reduce the chance of high speed accidents near a residential community. At the roundabout, motorists may continue straight on Nevada 88, turn right on County Road into a residential neighborhood, or turn left onto Mahogany Drive. Photo taken 07/18/09.
The traffic roundabout also offers a safer route for children to cross the highway when walking to a nearby school or the library. Photo taken 07/18/09.
A welcome sign for the town of Minden is posted in the middle of the roundabout. Photo taken 07/18/09.
Immediately thereafter, northbound Nevada 88 ends at the traffic signal with U.S. 395. An end shield is posted prior to the traffic signal. Photo taken 07/18/09.
Use U.S. 395 north to Carson City, Reno, Sparks, and Susanville; use U.S. 395 south to downtown Minden, Gardnerville, Topaz Lake, and Bishop. Photo taken 07/18/09.
Nevada 88 south
A begin Nevada 88 south reassurance shield assembly is posted after the U.S. 395 intersection in Minden in the Carson Valley. Nevada 88 will travel almost due south from here into California, then curve west via California 88 toward Woodfords and the Carson Pass. A connection is also made to the Alpine County seat of Markleeville via California 4 west and California 89 south. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Southbound Nevada 88 meets Mahogany Drive and County Road at this roundabout intersection. The suggested speed for through traffic in the roundabout is 15 miles per hour. Note the town of Minden welcome sign is posted in the middle of the circle. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Leaving Minden and entering rural Carson Valley, this view from southbound Nevada 88 shows the Kingsbury Grade as it winds it way toward Stateline and South Lake Tahoe. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Southbound Nevada 88 approaches Mottsville Lane, which travels west to Nevada 207/Kingsbury Grade en route to South Lake Tahoe. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Nevada 207/Kingsbury Grade is a winding route that leads from the Carson Valley west to South Lake Tahoe, joining U.S. 50 in Stateline. Photo taken 09/05/10.
The towering peaks raise mightly above the agrarian landscape of the Carson Valley. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Southbound Nevada 88 next approaches its junction with Nevada 756/Centerville Lane. Turn left on Nevada 756/Centerville Lane east to Gardnerville or west on Centerville Lane to Nevada 206. Photo taken 09/05/10.
A Nevada 756 shield is posted just before the left turn to Centerville Lane east. Nevada 756 is a fairly short, east-west state route that links Nevada 88 with U.S. 395 in downtown Gardnerville. Photo taken 09/05/10.
Southbound Nevada 88 approaches the junction with Nevada 206/Fairview Lane. Photo taken 07/25/09.
To Lake Tahoe, follow either Nevada 206 north to Nevada 207 west or follow Nevada 88/California 88 west to California 89 north. Photo taken 07/25/09.
Southbound Nevada 88 meets Nevada 206/Fairview Lane at this intersection. Photo taken 07/25/09.
Traveling south along Nevada 88 after the Nevada 206/Fairview Lane intersection, the state route continues on a due south routing that will bring it into California in just a few miles. Photo taken 07/20/09.
Farm and ranch land abounds on both sides of Nevada 88 as we continue to follow the East and West Forks of the Carson River upstream into California. Photo taken 07/20/09.
At this point, Nevada 88 approaches the Nevada-California State Line. Nevada 88 will change into California 88, which will travel west over the Carson Pass into California. Photo taken 07/20/09.
Leaving the Silver State of Nevada, southbound Nevada 88 becomes westbound California 88 en route to Woodfords, with a connection to Markleeville via California 4-89 south and to Lake Tahoe via California 89 north. California 88 proceeds west over an all-weather route to cross Carson Pass, then descends toward Jackson and Stockton in the San Joaquin Valley (part of California's Central Valley). Photo taken 07/20/09.

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