Nevada State Route 431

This view looks north on Nevada 431 as the state route proceeds from the Tahoe Basin toward Mt. Rose summit. The highway will then descend to Mt. Rose Junction, where it meets Nevada 341 and Interstate 580/U.S. 395. Photo taken 07/21/09.

Nevada 431 connects Mt. Rose Junction (U.S. 395 and Nevada 341) with Incline Village (Nevada 28). The state route climbs over Mt. Rose to connect with the Tahoe Basin.

Nevada 431/Mt. Rose Highway north
The first northbound reassurance shield for Nevada 431 is posted in Incline Village after the Nevada 28 intersection. Photo taken 07/21/09.
While the intent is to keep Nevada 431 open year round, there are storms and other incidents that may result in closure of this scenic mountain drive. During those instances, Nevada 431 is closed about three miles north of the Nevada 28 junction. Photo taken 07/21/09.
Nevada 431 proceeds uphill almost immediately upon leaving Incline Village. The state route will substantial elevation from Lake Tahoe to the summit. Photo taken 07/21/09.
This mileage sign provides the distance to U.S. 395 and I-580 (24 miles), Reno (35 miles via Interstate 580 and U.S. 395), and Virginia City (38 miles via Nevada 341). Photo taken 07/21/09.
Slower traffic is required to use turnouts if more than five vehicles are closely following behind it. Photo taken 07/21/09.
This suite of photos follows Nevada 431 north as it proceeds up Mount Rose and the Carson Range. As with any mountain road, Nevada 431 sees a fair share of curves and mountain grades. Cautious driving is a must! Photos taken 07/21/09.
A scenic overlook provides an incredible view of Incline Village and Lake Tahoe to the south. Taking in this overlook is a must for traveling Nevada 431. In 1961, an interpretive kiosk was placed to provide the names and elevations of nearby mountain peaks and points of interest. Photos taken 07/21/09.
This suite of continues along Nevada 431 north toward Mount Rose summit. Upon reaching the top, there is a parking area and a sign indicating that the Nevada 431 Mt. Rose Summit route is the highest Sierra Nevada pass to remain open year round, at an elevation of 8,900 feet above sea level. From that point, it's all downhill to Mt. Rose Junction. Photos taken 07/21/09.
Upon leaving the welcome plaza and rest area on top of the Mt. Rose summit, Nevada 431 begins its long descent toward Galena and Mt. Rose Junction. Photo taken 07/21/09.
And from there it's all downhill toward Galena and Mt. Rose Junction. A series of switchbacks and mountain grades await travelers on Nevada 431. Photo taken 07/21/09.
Due to the potential of deep snowfall on Nevada 431 in winter, the lineator posts on the side of the road are taller than normal, which allows snowplow operators to see the path of the road when it's covered in a blanket of snow. Photo taken 07/21/09.
Ski runs come into view as Nevada 431 winds its way downhill. The Mount Rose Ski Tahoe bills itself as the resort closest to Reno. Photo taken 07/21/09.
Wrapping its way to the ski resort entrance, Nevada 431/Mt. Rose Highway continues to lose elevation. Photo taken 07/21/09.
Northbound Nevada 431 approaches the entrance to Mount Rose Ski Tahoe (0.50 mile). Photo taken 07/21/09.
An ample parking lot awaits visitors to the ski resort. Photo taken 07/21/09.
Northbound Nevada 431 next approaches the entrance to Mount Rose East Bowl. Photo taken 07/21/09.
Nevada 431 continues northeast through the national forest. Photo taken 07/21/09.
An old chair lift tower sits off Nevada 431 on the way downhill. Photo taken 07/21/09.
The descent to Mt. Rose Junction is much longer than the climb from Incline Village to Mt. Rose summit. Photo taken 07/21/09.
The distant cities of Reno and Sparks come into view as Nevada 431 continues its downhill drive. Photo taken 07/21/09.
Nevada 431 proceeds north along Mt. Rose Highway, offering stunning views of the surrounding forest and distant Truckee Meadows (the valley that contains the cities of Reno and Sparks through which the Truckee River passes). Since the Truckee River descends on its own from Lake Tahoe at Tahoe City all the way to Reno, it also sees some elevation drop of its own along the California 89 and Interstate 80 corridors. However, river's descent to Reno is not as substantial as the route Nevada 431 takes from Mt. Rose summit (the highest year-round Sierra Nevada pass) down to Mt. Rose Junction and Interstate 580/U.S. 395. Photo taken 07/21/09.
Leaving the forest, Nevada 431 sees more development and housing as we enter the unincorporated area known as Galena. The official state scenic highway corridor ends. Photo taken 07/21/09.
Northbound Nevada 431 meets Timberline Drive and Bordeaux Drive at this intersection. Photo taken 07/21/09.
Approaching Campbell Lane, Nevada 431 widens to five lanes (with a center turn lane). Photo taken 07/21/09.
We're still heading downhill as Nevada 431 north carries two lanes. Photo taken 07/21/09.
Northbound Nevada 431 meets Callahan Road at this intersection. Photo taken 07/21/09.
Soon thereafter is a right turn onto Fawn Lane. Photo taken 07/21/09.
A warning sign for downhill travelers on northbound Nevada 431/Mt. Rose Highway is posted prior to the intersection with Thomas Creek Road to avoid accidents for motorists who have not seen a traffic signal since leaving Incline Village and are traveling downhill at good rates of speed. Photo taken 07/21/09.
As Nevada 431 approaches Edmonton Drive, in the distance is Geiger Grade Road, which carries Nevada 341 from Virginia City to Mt. Rose Junction. The highway is carved into the side of the mountain, just like Nevada 431 is. Photo taken 07/21/09.
Northbound Nevada 431 approaches Wedge Parkway, which leads to Galena High School and the University of Nevada Reno Redfield Campus. Photo taken 07/21/09.
The intersection between Wedge Parkway and Nevada 431 is another signalized intersection. Photo taken 07/21/09.
After Wedge Parkway, northbound Nevada 431 approaches its junction with Interstate 580 and U.S. 395. Use Interstate 580 and U.S. 395 north to Reno and Sparks. Construction of the link between Nevada 431 and Washoe City is expected to be completed in 2011, at which time the entire freeway from Reno south to Carson City will become signed as Interstate 580. The right lane of Nevada 431 will connect to Interstate 580 and U.S. 395 north, and an eventual connection to southbound has yet to be constructed. Photo taken 07/21/09.
Northbound Nevada 431 meets the ramp to Interstate 580 and U.S. 395 north to Reno and Sparks. Photo taken 07/21/09.
After passing under the Interstate 580 and U.S. 395 freeway, we next approach U.S. 395 and Nevada 341 at Mt. Rose Junction. Until the Interstate 580 freeway is completed in 2011, motorists may use Nevada 431 to reconnect from Interstate 580 south to (Temporary) U.S. 395 and Nevada 430 south. After traffic from Interstate 580 merges onto Nevada 431 south, an end shield assembly for Nevada 431 posted in anticipation of the pending junction with Nevada 341 and U.S. 395. Photo taken 09/09/05.
A small guide sign directs motorists to Reno via U.S. 395 north, Virginia City via Nevada 341 east, and Carson City / South Lake Tahoe via U.S. 395 south. Photo taken 09/09/05.
Nevada 431 ends at "Temporary" U.S. 395 (will be Nevada 430 when Interstate 580 is complete in 2011). A U.S. 395 trailblazer route marker is posted at the Nevada 431 terminus. Nevada 341 commences east of the signalized intersection on Geiger Grade Road. Nevada 341 ventures 21.8 miles east to U.S. 50 near the community of Dayton. Photos taken 07/23/09 and 09/09/05.
Nevada 431 south
Back in 2005, the portion of Nevada 431 between Nevada 341 and Interstate 580 served as part of the temporary connection from U.S. 395 north to the freeway is served via Nevada 431 (Mt. Rose Highway) westbound to the northbound on-ramp to the U.S. 395 freeway. Interstate 580 and U.S. 395 comprise a limited-access highway from here north into Reno and Sparks. Nevada 431 continues west to Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest and Mt. Rose Summit (elevation 8,900 feet above sea level). Photo taken 09/09/05.
During episodes of inclement weather or bad traffic conditions, trucks may be restricted or prohibited on Nevada 431 southwest over Mt. Rose to Incline Village. Photo taken 07/23/09.
Through traffic on Nevada 431 south should use the left lane, while those connecting to U.S. 395 north should stay right. Photo taken 07/23/09.
Southbound Nevada 431 approaches the onramp to Interstate 580 and U.S. 395 north to Reno and Sparks. A U.S. 395 route marker is painted into the asphalt, as the right lane is exit only for U.S. 395 north. Photo taken 07/23/09.
Nevada 431 scenes
At Mt. Rose summit, a rest area (restrooms) and information kiosks welcome motorists who cross over the Nevada 431 corridor between the Tahoe Basin and Truckee Meadows. Photos taken 07/21/09.

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