Nevada State Route 582

Spanning Fremont Street between Fourth Street and Main Street in downtown Las Vegas, a huge canopy features hourly shows on its ceiling in the Fremont Street Experience pedestrian mall. Colorful art and fast-moving visuals (set to music) make the experience truly unique and worthwhile. While Nevada 582 itself does not enter the Fremont Street Experience, the pedestrian mall is only a few blocks beyond the state route's northwestern terminus. Photo taken 02/21/10.

Nevada 582 is Boulder Highway and Fremont Street through Henderson and Las Vegas, beginning from Exit 56B of Interstate 515 (Boulder Highway and Wagonwheel Drive) and ending at Eighth Street in Downtown Las Vegas. The section of Fremont Street through the Fremont East District, between Eighth Street and Las Vegas Boulevard, is maintained by the city of Las Vegas.

Historically Boulder Highway was the alignment of U.S. 93, U.S. 95 and U.S. 466. With construction of Interstate 515 (Oran K. Gragson Freeway), U.S. 93 and 95 shifted onto the parallel freeway, with Boulder Highway redesignated as U.S. 93 Business and U.S. 95 Business. The arterial is now solely Nevada 582.

Nevada 582 - Boulder Highway north
Nevada 582 is Boulder Highway, which is old U.S. 93-95 through the cities of Henderson and Las Vegas. This twilight view of northbound Boulder Highway shows the straight route it takes toward downtown Las Vegas with unerring aim. This route was briefly known as U.S. 93 Business-95 but today is only a state route. Photo taken 03/29/08.
After Warm Springs Road, northbound Nevada 582/Boulder Highway approaches the Jokers Wild casino. Photo taken 03/29/08.
Nevada 582 - Fremont Street north
Approaching the Eighth Street intersection in downtown Las Vegas, an end shield is posted for Nevada 582 north. The remaining blocks (within the "Fremont East District") are not state-maintained and instead are under the city's jurisdiction. After the intersection with Eighth Street is an arch welcoming visitors into the Fremont East District. Photos taken 02/20/10.
Fremont Street (Former U.S. 93-95 Business) north
This series of photos shows the neon art on display in the median and alongside Fremont Street between Seventh Street and Sixth Street. Photos taken 02/20/10.
Northwestbound Fremont Street passes between Sixth Street and Las Vegas Boulevard (former U.S. 91). Motorized traffic must turn onto Las Vegas Boulevard; Fremont Street ahead is closed to motorized traffic and is part of the Fremont Street Experience. This intersection was once a major turning point for travelers on U.S. 93, U.S. 95, and U.S. 466. U.S. 93 turned right, U.S. 95 continued straight, and U.S. 466 turned left. Fremont Street was closed between Las Vegas Boulevard and Main Street in 1994, just prior to the construction of the Fremont Street Experience overhead canopy. Today, the remainder of Fremont Street serves as the principal downtown Las Vegas attraction. Photos taken 02/20/10.

Fremont Street Experience north
Continuing north into the pedestrian plaza between Las Vegas Boulevard and Fourth Street, we enter the Fremont Street Experience mall. Vendors line both sides of the mall, often known as Glitter Gulch. The world-famous arched ceiling display does not begin until after Fremont Street crosses Fourth Street (one block northwest of here). Photos taken 02/20/10.
Once under the cover of the massive, four-block-long canopy, a series of casinos are located on either side of Fremont Street. Opened in 1995 (and upgraded in 2004), the Fremont Street Experience gives visitors an opportunity to visit a variety of casinos, see concerts, watch videos on the canopy itself, and experience downtown nightlife. The casinos shine their bright neon lights all night, although prior to the shows that appear overhead on the canopy, the entire experience (including casino lights) turn off. The casinos found along the Fremont Street Experience between Fourth Street and Casino Center Boulevard are (in sequence from southeast to northwest): Fitzgerald's (at intersection with Fourth Street), Four Queens and Fremont (at former intersection with Third Street), and Golden Nugget and Binion's (at intersection with Casino Center Boulevard). Photos taken 02/20/10.
This series of pictures shows the Fremont Street Experience between Casino Center Boulevard and former First Street. Facing northwest, the Golden Nugget is on the left and Binion's in on the right. At the intersection with former First Street is Vegas Vic, the tall neon cowboy; the marquee waves at visitors to the Fremont Street Experience. Vegas Vic used to wave visitors into the now-defunct Pioneer Club; today it waves into the tourist shop (ABC Store) found below it. The marquee has been in place since 1951 and is comparable to Wendover Will along Business Loop I-80 in West Wendover. Photos taken 02/20/10.
The final block of the Fremont Street Experience features the marquee for the former Pioneer Club and Golden Gate on the left. On the right are the Girls of Glitter Gulch and the Las Vegas Club. A the northwestern end of the Fremont Street Experience is the Plaza. Photos taken 02/20/10.
Fremont Street Experience south
Now looking south from Main Street, we see the Fremont Street Experience, the top tourist attraction in downtown Las Vegas. A five-block long pedestrian plaza between Main Street (former Nevada 601) and Las Vegas Boulevard (former Nevada 604), the Fremont Street Experience is also known as Glitter Gulch and is home to several casinos, hotels, restaurants, concert stages, shops, and sidewalk vendors. The world-famous arched ceiling display turns on each night, with special shows on the top of each hour during the evening. The canopy extends from Main Street to Fourth Street along Fremont Street. Photos taken 02/20/10.
Fremont Street south
Leaving the Fremont Street Experience pedestrian mall, southbound Fremont Street is maintained by the city of Las Vegas between Las Vegas Boulevard (former Nevada 604 and U.S. 91) and Seventh Street, a distance ot two blocks. At Seventh Street, Fremont Street becomes designated as Nevada 582. An arch welcomes visitors to the "Fremont East District." The Fremont Street Experience includes some amazing neon signs that considered part of the Las Vegas Neon Museum. Photo taken 02/20/10.
Standing at the southeastern edge of the Fremont Street Experience pedestrian mall is this view of the "Fremont East District" arch sign along southeastbound Fremont Street. Some neon art is located within the median strip ahead. Photo taken 02/20/10.
This series of photos show the neon art found both in the median of Fremont Street as well as the businesses on either side of the street between Las Vegas Boulevard (former U.S. 91 and Nevada 604) and Sixth Street (next traffic signal). Photos taken 02/20/10.
Between Sixth Street and Seventh Street are a dancing girl and a rotating lady's shoe. Photos taken 02/20/10.
Nevada 582 - Fremont Street south
The next traffic signal along southeastbound Fremont Street is with Eighth Street. Another Fremont East District arch sign is posted over Fremont Street at this intersection. The first reassurance shield for Nevada 582 is posted after this intersection. Photo taken 02/20/10.
Immediately after the Eighth Street intersection is the first reassurance shield for Nevada 582 south; the state route extends from this point southeast to Henderson, where it meets Interstate 515 at the Wagonwheel interchange. Photo taken 02/20/10.
Nevada 582 and the Fremont Street Experience scenes
This series of photos show the amazing array of imagery that appears on the overhead canopy at the top of each hour. Set to music, images scroll across the ceiling screen. The images shown here were set to the Byrd's "Turn! Turn! Turn!" while tie-dyed imagery scrolled across the screen. This view is taken from the Casino Center Boulevard intersection, which was closed for the duration of the show. Note that all the casinos around this intersection dimmed their lights for the duration of the show. Other themes heard during this evening included the atomic age (Area 51) and a set based on Don McLean's timeless song "American Pie." Photos taken 02/20/10.

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