California 152

California 152 is a busy route connecting Watsonville on the coast with California 99 near Chowchilla. The route is a four-lane expressway between California 156 and California 99, passing through Los Banos along the way.

California 152 Highway Guides

California 152 east
Eastbound California 152 meets California 156 north of Hollister. Photo taken by Trevor Carrier (2002).
California 152 scenes
At the west end of the Central Valley, near the western interchange with California 33 and California 152, a variety of power lines converge at the Los Banos substation located south of the California 152 expressway. In this area, power lines criss-cross in all directions, leading from various power production facilities to population centers. Four 500 kV power lines converge here - one from Moss Landing Power Generating Station, two from Path 15 (major north-south electricity transmission corridor), and one that was built by the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) and was activated in 2004 to alleviate power congestion on Path 15 between Los Banos substation and Gates substation near California 198. Photos taken 07/05/06.

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