California 202

California 202 is a short state route that follows Tucker Road and Valley Boulevard between California 58 and the California Connectional Institution at Tehachapi.


In the city of Tehachapi, California 202 saw a realignment with the construction of Tucker Road to state highway standards. Originally the route began in downtown Tehachapi at the intersection of Curry Street and Tehachapi Boulevard. When the California 58 freeway bypass was built, California 202 started at its current interchange with California 58, then turned east along West Tehachapi Boulevard into to downtown Tehachapi, turned south on Curry Street, and then turned west on Cummings Valley Road. With the construction of Tucker Road, California 202 no longer entered downtown Tehachapi and avoided a circuitous route.

Highway Guide

California 202/Bear Valley Road east (north)
View of the beginning of eastbound California 202 as seen from the shoulder of the road near the entrance to the correctional facility. Photo taken 01/21/04.
California 202/Valley Boulevard east (north)
Skipping ahead, eastbound California 202 turns left (south) on Tucker Road and leaves Valley Boulevard at the upcoming traffic light. This way, California 202 stays west of downtown Tehachapi. Photo taken 01/21/04.
California 202 east (north) and California 58 Business west
This California 202 east reassurance shield is posted along northbound Tucker Road. California 202 meets California 58 Business at the Tehachapi Boulevard traffic signal, which is located at the bottom of the hill just ahead. Photo taken 01/21/04.
Just before reaching the freeway, eastbound California 202/California 58 Business reach this sharp turn. Photo taken 01/21/04.
Upon reaching its interchange with California 58, California 58 Business has its end shield at the ramp to eastbound California 58. The end shield for California 202 is located on the other side of the overpass. Photo taken 01/21/04.
Eastbound California 202 ends as it transitions directly onto the ramp to westbound California 58. Photo taken 01/21/04.

California 202/Tehachapi Boulevard west (south) and California 58 Business east
Westbound California 202 and Eastbound California 58 Business at the ramp to eastbound California 58. Photo taken 01/21/04.
California 202 west and California 58 Business east are cosigned on this first shield assembly on northbound Tucker Road. The business loop splits from California 202 at the next traffic signal, which is Tehachapi Boulevard eastbound (not photographed). Photo taken 01/21/04.
California 202/Tucker Road south (west)
This advance signage indicates that California 202 is about to turn west on Valley Boulevard. Photo taken 03/15/09.
California 202 west turns right here, from northbound Tucker Road to westbound Valley Boulevard. Photo taken 03/15/09.
Westbound California 202/Tucker Road meets Valley Boulevard at this traffic signal. Photo taken 03/15/09.
California 202/Valley Boulevard west (south)
This California 202 shield along Valley Boulevard features Series E font, which is uncommon on California state shields. Photos taken 01/21/04 and 03/15/09.
Westbound California 202 approaches Schout Road. Photo taken 01/21/04.
This California 202 west reassurance shield is posted along westbound Valley Boulevard after the Schout Road intersection. Photo taken 01/21/04.
Westbound California 202 approaches Cummings Valley Road, which leads west to Giraudo Road and northwest to Bear Valley. There is no outlet from here to the freeway. Cummings Valley Road east is the old alignment of California 202. Photo taken 01/21/04.
California 202/Bear Valley Road south (west)
This is the final reassurance shield along westbound California 202; it is located southwest of the Cummings Valley Road intersection and northeast of the California Correctional Institute. Photo taken 01/21/04.
Westbound California 202 ends upon reaching the entrance to the California Correctional Institute. (The end of the route comes up quickly, so it is important to pay attention (or else you might end up in the correctional facility). Photo taken 01/21/04.
These postmiles indicate that a postmile equation as a result of the realignment of the old road from Cummings Valley Road to Valley Boulevard resulted in a reduction of nearly one and a half miles. Photo taken 01/21/04.

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