With the extra time at home due to social distancing because of COVID-19, have taken the opportunity to really dive into a long standing back log of photos spanning the state of Florida from 2006 onward. Most of the work was in preparation to post new pages covering a variety of routes across the state. As photos get edited and pages are reviewed, will be debuting them over the course of the next few weeks.

Did take the opportunity to at least get out of the house while running errands to shoot a few Tampa Bay area roads. Traffic is definitely lighter, although not to the “ghost town” levels posted across social media from around the country. Still though, to be able to navigate across Tampa or St. Petersburg during peak hours without encountering any congestion results in an extremely abnormal feeling.

What’s been posted so far; write ups for some of these routes were done some time ago, but the pages were never posted as they were without photos: