California 265

This first shield of California 265 is posted on southbound Business Loop I-5/North Weed Boulevard in northern Weed after Interstate 5 Exit 748. Mount Shasta provides a magnificent backdrop for this short state highway. Photo taken 04/01/05.


California 265 is the northern portion of Business Loop I-5 in Weed along U.S. 99/North Weed Boulevard. The southern portion of the business route on South Weed Boulevard is not part of California 265; it is part of U.S. 97.

Business Loop I-5 and California 265 (Old U.S. 99) south
Upon exiting at Exit 748 (Junction Business Loop I-5 and California 265 to U.S. 97) in Weed, turn left to cross the freeway and then right at this sign onto North Weed Boulevard south. The business route and U.S. 97 are signed, as well as a left turn onto Interstate 5 north to Yreka. Photo taken 04/01/05.
This California 265 reassurance shield is posted on southbound Business Loop I-5 and U.S. 99 (North Weed Boulevard) in northern Weed. The city of Weed was incorporated as a general law city on January 25, 1961, and was home to 2,978 people as of the 2000 Census. Weed consists of 4.8 square miles of area and sits at an elevation of 3,467 feet above sea level. Photos taken 04/01/05.
"Weed Like to Welcome You" is posted on southbound California 265 and Business Loop I-5 (North Weed Boulevard). Photo taken 04/01/05.
California 265 ends at the intersection with U.S. 97. Turn left to follow U.S. 97 north to Dorris and Klamath Falls, Oregon. Continue straight to follow U.S. 97, Old U.S. 99, and Business Loop I-5 south along South Weed Boulevard to return to Interstate 5 south. No END shield is provided here. Photo taken 04/01/05.
After the stop sign, southbound Business Loop I-5 and U.S. 97-99 follow South Weed Boulevard toward Exit 747 on Interstate 5. Photo taken 04/01/05.
Business Loop I-5 and California 265 (Old U.S. 99) north
Business Loop I-5 and California 265 end when Main Street transitions directly onto Interstate 5 north. To Interstate 5 south, turn left at this intersection. To U.S. 99 north (Edgewood Road), turn right. Photo taken 04/01/05.

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