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About the Mississippi State Highway System

One and two digit state routes are primary and orientated with the lowest odd numbered route running north-south from west to the east and the even numbered routes assigned to east-west highways and counting upwards from north to south. There are some exceptions.

Mississippi also utilizes a route clustering system for the numbering of three-digit routes. These range from the 300 series at the northern end of the state to the 600 series within the Gulf Coast counties. 100 series numbers are reserved for former alignments of U.S. Highways and act as business loops or alternate alignments to the parent US Route. Mississippi Highway 245 is an exception to this rule as it represents an old alignment of U.S. 45 Alternate.

Unsigned highways are legislative in nature and range in the 700s, 800s and 900s, with a clustering system from north to south similar to the 300-600 series. Signs for these routes appear occasionally throughout the state.

Population Statistics

State Population
Metropolitan Populations
Jackson 539,057 Gulfport-Biloxi 248,820 Pascagoula 162,246
Hattiesburg 142,842
Top County Populations
Hinds 245,285 Harrison 187,105 DeSoto 161,252
Rankin 141,617 Jackson 139,668 Madison 95,203
Top Incorporated Area Populations
Jackson 173,514 Gulfport 67,793 Southaven 48,982
Hattiesburg 45,989 Biloxi 44,054 Meridian 41,148
Tupelo 34,546 Greenville 34,400 Olive Branch 33,484
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2010 Census Redistricting Data Summary File.
Table of United States Metropolitan Statistical Areas

About Mississippi

  • Capital: Jackson
  • Nickname: Magnolia State
  • State Flower: Magnolia
  • State Bird: Mockingbird
  • State Tree: Magnolia
  • Land Area: 46,923.27 square miles, 32nd largest
  • Total Interstate Mileage: 831.47 miles
  • Highest Point: Woodall Mountain 806 feet
  • Lowest Point: Sea Level
  • Number of Counties: 82
  • Statehood: 20th state; admitted December 10, 1817

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