California 371

This END California 371 route marker is posted at the eastern end of the state highway, where the east-west route meets California 74 in the San Bernardino National Forest near Mt. San Jacinto. Photo taken 06/07/08.


California 371 is an east-west state highway that connects California 79 at Aguanga with California 74 in the San Bernardino National Forest via the Cahuilla Indian Reservation, Lake Riverside, and Anza. It is part of an east-west corridor formed by parts of California 79, California 371, and California 74 between Temecula and the Palm Springs-Coachella Valley area.


California 371 is a remnant of a much longer California 71, back when that route used to extend southeast from Corona via the current Interstate 15 to Lake Elsinore and Temecula and then turned east along California 79. When California 71 was decommissioned in favor of Interstate 15 between Temecula and Corona (in 1973-1974), the shared alignment became solely known as California 79, and the remnant alignment was given the new 371 designation.

Highway Guide

California 371 east
California 371 eastbound leaves California 79 in Aguanga. Ahead, California 371 will serve Anza en route to its junction with California 74. Photo taken 08/25/07.
Now at the eastern end, eastbound California 371 approaches its junction California 74. From here, California 74 travels east to Palm Desert and west to Hemet, Perris, and Lake Elsinore, where it connects to Interstate 15. Photo taken 06/07/08.
To Palm Desert, turn right from California 371 east to California 74 east. To the west, California 74 connects to California 243 near Idyllwild, then proceeds to Hemet, Perris, and Lake Elsinore. Photo taken 06/07/08.
An END California 371 route marker is posted prior to the intersection with California 74. Photo taken 06/07/08.
Eastbound California 371 meets California 74 at this stop sign. Turn left for Hemet and right for Palm Desert. Photo taken 06/07/08.
California 371 west
Upon leaving the California 74 intersection, California 371 begins its westbound journey toward Anza, Aguanga, and Temecula. Photo taken 06/07/08.
This mileage sign along California 371 west provides the distance to Anza (six miles), Aguanga/Junction California 79 (20 miles), and San Diego (96 miles via California 79 north to Interstate 15 south). Omitted is Temecula. Photo taken 06/07/08.
At the other end of this state highway, westbound California 371 ends at California 79. This north-south highway travels south to Julian and Cuyamaca Rancho State Park and northwest to Temecula and Interstate 15. The fastest route to San Diego from here is via California 79 north to Interstate 15 south. Photo taken 11/00.
A stop sign governs the flow of traffic between California 371 and California 79. Historically, former California 71 turned right to join California 79 northwest en route to Temecula. Photo taken 08/25/07.
A second END sign is posted for California 371 at the actual intersection with California 79. Turn left for California 79 south to Warner Springs and Santa Ysabel or turn right for California 79 northwest to Temecula and Interstate 15. Photo taken 08/25/07.

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