Delaware 54 straddles the southern part of the state, occasionally dipping into the Free State as Maryland 54, or straddling the state line. The state highway dates as far back as 1968 within the state of Delaware. The segment along the state line between Delmar and Delaware 26 pre-existed as Maryland 455. Maryland 54 west of the state line was Maryland 467. Maryland 54 now migrates eastward from U.S. 50 and Mardela Springs via Delmar Road west of the state line. Delmar Road enters Delaware over the southwest corner of the state near Packing House Corner. Six miles from there Delaware 54 enters the city limits of Delmar and becomes State Street.

State Street straddles the state line through the heart of Delmar. East of town Delaware 54 & Maryland 54 take on the name Maryland Delaware Line Road as the route beelines along the border between U.S. 13 and Delaware 26 & Maryland 353 (Gumboro Road). Delaware 54 jaunts northeast with Delaware 26 (and Delaware 30) for 2.6 miles to the village of Gumboro. Delaware 26 & 30 continue northward to Shaft Ox Corner as Delaware 54 returns to an east-west orientation along Cypress Road. The name Cypress Road emanates from the eight-mile trek between Delaware 26 & 30 and Selbyville over the Cypress Swamp. Cypress Road carries Delaware 54 to Cemetery Road in Selbyville itself.

Delaware 54 travels through downtown Selbyville via Main Street. Delaware 17 (Bethany Road) ends at Delaware 54 (Main Street) one half mile north of the Maryland state line. Delaware 54 however does not again enter Maryland and instead turns onto Fenwick and Lighthouse Roads through Bunting and Williamsville. At West Fenwick Delaware 20 (Pale Center Road) merges with Delaware 54 (Lighthouse Road). The two highways share pavement for their final four respective miles to Fenwick Island and Delaware 1. Included on the eastern leg is a causeway over a narrow strip of land between Roy Creek and Lighthouse Cove of Little Assawoman Bay. The causeway onto Fenwick Island for years suffered from flooding problems associated with abnormally higher tides associated with severe storms. DelDOT raised several portions of the roadway and constructed two viaducts over the lowest lying areas east and west of the Cape Windsor community. The $15 million project began in 2001 and ended in 2003. A once considered proposal for the causeway project included plans for the institution of tolls along the four mile route. The 1990s proposal however never came to fruition and Delaware 20 & 54 remain toll free. For more details please see the DelDOT SR 54 project site.

Delaware 54 Mileage Table

Western terminus Eastern terminus Names Mileage
Maryland state line (Maryland 54) Delaware 1 - Fenwick Island (with Delaware 20) Delmar Road, State Street, Maryland Delaware Line Road, Gumboro Road, Cypress Road, Cemetery Road, Main Street, Fenwick Road, Lighthouse Road 38.59

Delaware 54 2002 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 2,164 - Maryland state line to Road 76
  • 8,931 - west Delmar limits to 3rd Street
  • 1,594 - MD/DE line to Delaware 26
  • 4,725 - Delaware 26 overlap
  • 7,570 - Main Street to Delaware 17/Bethany Road (Selbyville)
  • 2,786 - Delaware 17/Bethany Road to South Road 398
  • 10,615 - Road 396 to Delaware 1

Delaware 54 End Points

Western Terminus
Delaware 54 (Delmar Road) westbound straddles the state line between Delmar and the southwest corner of Delaware. The road is sign posted with both Delaware and Maryland 54 shields as it hugs the border. Pictured here is the western terminus of Delaware 54 where Delmar Road leaves Sussex County for good. 3.3 miles to the west Maryland 54 (Delmar Road) comes to an end at Maryland 313 (Sharptown Road) adjacent to U.S. 50 at Mardela Springs. Photo taken by Adam Froehlig (03/23/03).
Eastern Terminus
A short distance to the north of the Maryland state line on Delaware 1 (Ocean Boulevard) northbound is the intersection of Delaware 20 & 54's eastern terminus. The tandem connect Delaware 1 and the community of Fenwick Island with interior Sussex County via a causeway between Ocean Boulevard and Bayville. The two routes share 3.9 miles of pavement before parting ways near West Fenwick. Delaware 54 is a Maryland numbering convention stemming from the Maryland 54 east-west highway along the state line near Delmar and the southwest corner of the state. Photo taken by Chris Jordan 10/99.

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