Delaware U.S. 9

U.S. 9 provides one of the main East-West routes in Sussex County. Until 1968, the alignment of U.S. 9 was apart of Delaware 28 between Laurel and Georgetown and Delaware 18 from Georgetown to Five Points. At the time U.S. 9 itself ended in Cape May, New Jersey. After 1968 U.S. 9 saw extension via the Cape May-Lewes Ferry to Lewes and Sussex County, Delaware. The US highway overtook the aforementioned state highways and is generally signed as an east-west route in the Diamond State.

U.S. 13 southbound at U.S. 9

Southbound U.S. 13 at the terminus of U.S. 9. Photo taken by JP Nasiatka (September 2001).

The southern or western terminus of U.S. 9 in the state of Delaware occurs at the town of Laurel in southwest Sussex County. U.S. 9 branches northeast from there along the County Seat Highway 12 miles to Georgetown and junction U.S. 113. The rural stretch includes an intersection with Delaware 20 near the village of Hardscrabble. In the Sussex County seat of Georgetown, U.S. 9 travels Market Street through the downtown area. There Delaware 404 (Bedford Street) ties into the route, bringing a cusp of beach traffic emanating from the Baltimore and Washington metropolitan areas.

U.S. 13 northbound at U.S. 9

Northbound U.S. 13 sign bridge for U.S. 9. Photo taken by JP Nasiatka (September 2001) .

Continuing eastward out of Georgetown, U.S. 9 & Delaware 404 migrate in rural fashion eastward to Gravel Hill (junction Delaware 30), Harbeson (junction Delaware 5), Cool Spring, and ultimately Five Points (junction Delaware 1). At Five Points, Delaware 404 ends and U.S. 9 turns southward along Delaware 1 for 1.2 miles. U.S. 9 Business continues northeast from Five Points along Savannah Road into Lewes itself. The Business route comprises the original U.S. 9 alignment. Present U.S. 9 follows the Kings Highway, Theo C. Freeman Memorial Highway, and Cape Henlopen Drive south and east of town between Delaware 1 and the Cape May Lewes Ferry launch area. The Cape May Lewes Ferry carries U.S. 9 motorists northward across Delaware Bay to Cape May, New Jersey. See the official site for a detailed listing of the fare schedule for the crossing.

U.S. 9 Delaware Mileage: 30.92

U.S. 9 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

Begin Milepost Location To: AADT Composite
0.00 U.S. 13 Dupont Highway Road 479 4,099
1.61 Road 479 Delaware 20 4,938
5.54 Delaware 20 Road 46 5,634
9.24 Road 46 West Georgetown city limits 6,908
11.75 West Georgetown city limits U.S. 113 8,617
12.05 U.S. 113 The Circle 12,334
12.79 The Circle Road 319 NE Georgetown city limit 12,231
14.00 Road 319 NE Georgetown city limit Road 249 9,442
15.70 Road 249 Delaware 5 9,491
18.85 Delaware 5 Delaware 1 13,143
25.21 Delaware 1 Road 268A 58,330
26.33 Road 268A Road 268 8,589
26.85 Road 268 Road 269 19,126
27.25 Road 269 Lewes city limits 18,617
27.25 Lewes city limits Freeman Highway 17,809
27.61 Freeman Highway Cape Henlopen Drive 2,631
29.21 Cape Henlopen Drive Henlopen State Park 1,305
30.78 Henlopen State Park Cape May Lewes Ferry entrance (30.92) 1,956
Source: Traffic Summary 2002 (DelDOT)

U.S. 9 Highway Photos

U.S. 9 (Cape Henlopen Drive) northbound on the approach the Cape May-Lewes Ferry landing. Motorists not bound for Cape May, New Jersey can continue on Cape Henlopen Avenue to Cape Henlopen State Park and the cape itself. Photos taken by Rahul (05/00).
Overheads on U.S. 9 southbound (Cape Henlopen Drive) for drivers departing the Cape May-Lewes Ferry terminal. The long distance control cities of Annapolis, Norfolk, and Wilmington are posted in addition to U.S. 13 and Delaware 1 trailblazers on the sign bridge. The ferry crossing of Delaware Bay is the only link between Delaware and New Jersey south of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. U.S. 9 turns southward onto the Theo C. Freeman Memorial Highway west of Lewes in one half mile. U.S. 9 Business continues westward on Cape Henlopen Drive into downtown Lewes from there. Photos taken by Rahul (05/00).
A multitude of control points are published on the U.S. 9 southbound mileage sign on Cape Henlopen Drive. The Cape May-Lewes Ferry provides an alternate route to the northeast for the Delmarva Peninsula and Hampton Roads, Virginia. The first five control cities relate to Delaware 1 along the Atlantic coastline. Photo taken by Rahul (05/00).


U.S. 9 Business came into existence around 1990. The route follows Savannah Road between Five Points (U.S. 9 & Delaware 1) through the downtown area of Lewes to Cape Henlopen Drive. U.S. 9 itself saw relocation to the Kings Highway and the Theo C. Freeman Memorial Highway south of town. The relocation of U.S. 9 to the bypass route was done to alleviate Savannah Road from Ferry traffic at the request of local residents. U.S. 9 & U.S. 9 Business intersect along the Delaware Bay just west of the Cape May Lewes Ferry launch site.

U.S. 9 Business Mileage: 4.26

U.S. 9 Business Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 10,924 - Delaware 1 to Kings Highway
  • 9,783 - Kings Highway to Second Street
  • 7,795 - Kings Highway to Second Street
  • 9,189 - Second Street to Bayview Avenue
  • 1,305 - Bayview Avenue to Freeman Highway


Designated around 1990, U.S. 9 Truck provides a bypass of the Sussex County seat of Georgetown by way of U.S. 113 and Park Avenue. The loop departs U.S. 9 via U.S. 113 (Dupont Boulevard) south to the intersection of Park Avenue and Shortly Road. From there U.S. 9 Truck turns northeasterly onto Park Avenue to bypass Georgetown and the Sussex County Airport east of town. The route was conceived to remove commercial through traffic from Market Street and downtown Georgetown.

U.S. 9 Truck Mileage: 6.54

U.S. 9 Truck Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 18,826 - U.S. 9 to Road 431
  • 8,908 - Road 48 to Road 318
  • 4,528 - Road 321 to Road 47
  • 2,901 - Road 47 to U.S. 9

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