U.S. 301 Southbound
Low and behold a begin sign is in place for U.S. 301 on Delaware 896 southbound at Glasgow. The previously hidden or inconclusive northern terminus is now legitimate with the new sign installation posted south of the U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) intersection. Photo taken 04/17/04.
Traveling the 1993 completed Glasgow bypass of Delaware 896 midway between U.S. 40 and Delaware 896 Business (Glasgow Avenue). The four lane expressway includes an area of wide pavement that resembles a ghost ramp for either a future widening or perhaps the planned partial cloverleaf interchange at Delaware 896 Business and Porter Road. However upon inspection of aerial photographs, it appears that two sections of pavement were misaligned during construction, resulting in a 12' difference in alignment (one slab width).2 Photo taken 04/04/04.
Approaching the former alignment of Delaware 896 and U.S. 301 Truck (Glasgow Avenue) on U.S. 301 & Delaware 896 southbound. Glasgow Avenue bisects the village of Glasgow and provides access to the People's Plaza shopping center and Hodgson High School. The business loop intersects U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) just west of the U.S. 301 northern terminus. Photo taken 04/04/04.
Entering the intersection with Delaware 896 Business (Glasgow Avenue) and Porter Road. When Delaware 896 was widened in 1992, the former path was realigned to intersect the new divided highway at a right angle across from Porter Road. Porter Road itself links U.S. 301 & Delaware 896 with Delaware 72 and U.S. 40 in Bear. The official Delaware State Map displays a partial cloverleaf interchange at the junction and has for the last two decades. It is unclear as to whether or not an interchange is planned or the idea abandoned. Photo taken 04/04/04.
Continuing south of Delaware 896 Business and Porter Road on U.S. 301 & Delaware 896. Four lanes of concrete with a grass median compose the paired routes between Glasgow and the Summit Bridge. The widening project took place between 1990 and 1992. Until the late 1990s all traffic signals south of Porter Road were relegated to flash cycles. Increased development and growth in the area sees the lights at Denny Road, Howell School Road, and Delaware 71 (Red Lion Road) fully operational. Photo taken 04/04/04.
U.S. 301 reassurance shields remain sporadic on the Delaware 896 alignment between Delaware 896 Business and Summit Bridge. Displayed here is a pair of southbound shields posted beyond the intersection with Howell School Road. Howell School Road links U.S. 301 & Delaware 896 with Lums Pond State Park. Photo taken 04/04/04.
Delaware 71 joins U.S. 301 & Delaware 896 to cross the Summit Bridge near Lums Pond State Park. The north-south route enters the upcoming intersection from Red Lion Road. Red Lion Road curves northwesterly from Old Summit Road (site of the original Summit Bridge) to U.S. 301 to access the 1960 opened Delaware 896 span. Photo taken 04/04/04.

Red Lion Road carries Delaware 71 northward from U.S. 301 & Delaware 896 to junction Delaware 72 (Wrangle Hill Road), junction Delaware 7 (Bear Corbitt Road) and the village of Red Lion, and junction U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) at Tybout's Corner. The two-lane roadway once carried U.S. 301S between U.S. 13 and Delaware 896. Photo taken 04/04/04.
A lone Delaware 71 shield resides just south of the U.S. 301 & Delaware 896 intersection with Red Lion Road. The three routes ascend from here onto the Summit Bridge on a two-mile limited access roadway. Photo taken 04/04/04.
The Summit Bridge is a cantilever span over the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. The four-lane cantilever bridge opened to traffic in 1960 and is owned and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. A two-mile freeway segment of U.S. 301 & Delaware 71-896 features an overpass for Chesapeake City Road and 50 MPH speed limit. The Summit Bridge received the American Institute of Steel Construction award as the most beautiful bridge in 1960. Photos taken 04/04/04, 08/10/04, and 01/02/08.
Descending toward the northern terminus of Delaware 15 (Bethel Church Road) on U.S. 301 & Delaware 71-896 southbound. Delaware 15 provides an alternate route between Summit Bridge and the city of Middletown by way of western New Castle County. Bethel Church Road becomes Delaware 286 0.75 miles to the west at Choptank Road (Delaware 15). Delaware 286 travels west from there to Chesapeake City, Maryland. Photo taken 01/02/08.
Delaware 15 saw extension from central Delaware to Summit Bridge by 1993. The state route previously linked U.S. 13 near Woodside with Delaware 14 in Milford. The extension of the designation overtakes several rural highways west of Dover and Smyrna. At Middletown Delaware 15 travels Bunker Hill Road northbound to Choptank Road and Bethel Church Road. A guide sign remained in place on U.S. 301 southbound for the Bethel Church Road intersection displaying "Road 433 - Chesapeake City". The panel dated from before the Delaware 15 extension but was replaced by 2007. The new sign would better convey information if it included "Delaware 15 south to Delaware 286", since the Delaware 286 connection leads west to Maryland 286 and Chesapeake City. Photos taken 04/04/04 & 01/02/08.
U.S. 301 & Delaware 71-896 at the southbound beginning of Delaware 15 near Summit Bridge. Delaware 15. The state highway returns to U.S. 301 6.7 miles to the south at junction Delaware 299 (Main Street) in Middletown. Photo taken 01/02/08.
Until 2000, the traffic signals at the Delaware 15 (Bethel Church Road) intersection were set in caution phase. New developments to the west on Delaware 286 and to the south on U.S. 301 & Delaware 71-896 led DelDOT to activate the signals. Photo taken 04/04/04.
Over 1,000 new homes are under construction or exist on U.S. 301 & Delaware 71-896 southbound between Delaware 15 and Mt. Pleasant. Pictured here is a southbound set of reassurance shields posted between Bethel Church Road and Old Summit Bridge Road. The new homes are overtaking a path that was once intended for a U.S. 301 freeway. Photo taken 04/04/04.
Old Summit Bridge Road (original Delaware 71) ends at U.S. 301 & Delaware 71-896 0.75 miles to the east of Delaware 15. The north-south road travels northward from the triplex into the village of Summit Bridge. Lorewood Grove Road provides an east-west route between Old Summit Bridge and U.S. 13 at South St. Georges to the north of the traffic signal. Photo taken 04/04/04.
U.S. 301 & Delaware 71-896 reassurance shields posted south of Old Summit Bridge Road; these are new replacements which properly show the order of U.S. 301 to Delaware 71 & 896. Delaware 896 departs the multiplex 1.4 miles to the south at Mt. Pleasant. Delaware 71 continues another 3.4 miles to the intersection of U.S. 301 and Broad Street in Middletown. Photo taken 01/02/08.
A series of guide signs advise motorists of the impending split of Delaware 896 (Boyds Corner Road) south from U.S. 301 & Delaware 71 (Summit Bridge Road) at Mount Pleasant. Boyds Corner Road represents the original U.S. 301 link between Summit Bridge Road and U.S. 13 (Dupont Parkway). The route also provides a direct route to Exit 142 of the SR 1 Turnpike for interests south to Smyrna, Dover, and the Delaware beaches. Photos taken 01/02/08.
Delaware 896 (Boyds Corner Road) turns east for its final approach to U.S. 13 (Dupont Parkway) at Boyds Corner. U.S. 301 & Delaware 71 continue along Summit Bridge Road southward into Middletown. Churchtown Road heads west through growing suburban areas to Maryland 310 (Cayots Corner Road). Photo taken 01/02/08.
U.S. 301 & Delaware 71 southbound reassurance shields posted after their split with Delaware 896 at Mount Pleasant. U.S. 301 & Delaware 71 follow two-lane Summit Bridge Road three miles south to Middletown from Mt. Pleasant. This alignment will be replaced by a four-lane limited access toll road, currently under environmental study and design. Photo taken 01/02/08.
Solo Delaware 71 shield posted after the Summit Bridge Road intersection with Old School House Road. Old School House Road heads southwest from U.S. 301 & Delaware 71 to Choptank Road. Photo taken 01/02/08.
Planned U.S. 301 will cross Delaware 71 (Summit Bridge Road) north of the intersection with Marl Pit Road east and Armstrong Corner Road west. Ramps will tie the new toll road into Summit Bridge Road north of the intersection. Pictured here are reassurance shields posted after the intersection. Photo taken 01/02/08.
Junction Delaware 71 southbound shield posted on U.S. 301 & Delaware 71 (Summit Bridge Road) southbound as they enter Middletown. Delaware 71 splits ahead from U.S. 301 so the junction banner on this assembly is unnecessary. Photo taken 09/25/04.
Delaware 71 prepares to split with U.S. 301 via Broad Street into downtown Middletown. U.S. 301 followed Broad Street with Delaware 71 until 1993 when a new alignment opened west of town. Now the bypass of U.S. 301 is lined with suburban sprawl and is becoming increasingly congested. Photo taken 09/25/04.
The partition of Delaware 71 south (Broad Street) and U.S. 301 (Middletown Warwick Road). Both highways intersect Delaware 299 (Main Street) within the next mile. The Norfolk-Southern Railroad line crosses Broad Street adjacent to U.S. 301. Photo taken 09/25/04.
U.S. 301 travels solo for one mile before gaining both Delaware 15 & 299 at the intersection of Main Street and Bunker Hill Road. Delaware 299 travels east through downtown to Odessa. Delaware 15 enters Middletown from the northwest via the rural Bunker Hill Road. The second photo shows a Delaware 299 shield replacement and new development. Photos taken 09/25/04 & 01/02/08.
Delaware 299 eastbound shield for the upcoming intersection with Main Street. Delaware 299 interchanges with the SR 1 Turnpike 2.8 miles to the east, intersects U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) at Odessa in 3.7 miles, and ends at Delaware 9 (Taylors Bridge Road) in 5.4 miles. Photo taken 01/02/08.
U.S. 301 southbound at Delaware 299 & 15. Note the one-piece shield assembly posted to the right for all three routes. Delaware 15 (Bunker Hill Road) links Middletown with St. Augustine, Maryland (via Maryland 310 and Churchtown Road) and Chesapeake City, Maryland (via Delaware 286 and Maryland 342). Major development is underway on all lands south of the Bunker Hill Road/Main Street intersection. Photos taken 09/25/04 & 01/02/08.
Delaware 15 & 299 join U.S. 301 at the town of Middletown (pop. 6,161). The three-way overlap begins at the Middletown Warwick Road intersection with West Main Street (Delaware 299) & Bunker Hill Road (Delaware 15) west of downtown. From there U.S. 301 & Delaware 15-299 travel 1.1 miles south to Levels Road. Pictured here are the reassurance shields for the multiplex as U.S. 301 travels south from West Main Street. Photo taken 08/10/04.
Major development has taken place along U.S. 301 & Delaware 15-299 (Middletown-Warwick Road) in Middletown since 2004. Construction is well underway at the Middletown Business & Technology Park in addition to the Middletown Auto Mall. Additionally a Kohl's department store is now situated on the former farmland southwest of the Delaware 15 & 299 intersection with U.S. 301. Pictured here is a new traffic light for Diamond State Boulevard, a roadway leading east to Industrial Drive. Southridge Drive ties into the intersection from the nearby Southridge community to the west. Photo taken 01/02/08.
A short distance south of the new Diamond State Boulevard signals are new signals posted at new the Merrimac Avenue intersection. Merrimac Avenue is a newly constructed roadway leading south to Classic Drive near the auto mall area and northward to Southridge and Delaware 15 (Bunker Hill Road). Photo taken 01/02/08.
Delaware 15 southbound departs U.S. 301 & Delaware 299 (Middletown Warwick Road) at Levels Road south of Middletown. The rural route utilizes Levels Road, Dogtown Road, Blackbird Station Road, Dexters Corner Road, and Vandyke Greenspring Road toward the town of Smyrna (pop. 5,679). The state highway saw a major extension in the early 1990s to encompass a convoluted routing throughout western Delaware. Photo taken 08/10/04.
U.S. 301 & Delaware 299 reassurance shields posted southbound after their split with Delaware 15. U.S. 301 overall carries just two lanes between Mount Pleasant and the Maryland state line despite increases in truck traffic over the last decade. A centerline rumble strip project was undertaken by DelDOT to cut down on the number of head on collisions that occurred throughout the two-lane stretch due to drowsy drivers drifting into the oncoming lanes of traffic. Photo taken 08/10/04.
Construction relocated Delaware 15 (Levels Road) 850 feet to the west in 2007 to eliminate the angle of the previous intersection with U.S. 301 & Delaware 299. The relocation provides a safer intersection and works in conjunction with a widening of Levels Road between Middletown-Warwick Road and the new Patriot Drive.1 Pictured here are new shields posted along U.S. 301 south & Delaware 299 west after the split with relocated Delaware 15. Photo taken 01/02/08.
Delaware 299 westbound reassurance shield, newly replaced since 2004, posted along U.S. 301 southbound after Middle Neck Road. Middle Neck Road stems northwest into Maryland. Photo taken 01/02/08.
Nearing the split of Delaware 299 westbound from U.S. 301 southbound at Warwick Road. Delaware 299 travels Warwick Road 0.6 miles west to Maryland 282 and Warwick, Maryland. Photo taken 01/02/08.
The split of U.S. 301 & Delaware 299. A "Y" intersection handles the movements of Delaware 299 westbound from U.S. 301 south. The state route was an extension of Maryland 299 until Maryland truncated that highway southwestward to Sassafras and junction U.S. 301. U.S. 301 itself crosses the state line in 1.2 miles and intersects the north end of Maryland 299 in 3.7 miles. Photo taken 08/10/04.
U.S. 301 (Middletown-Warwick Road) travels alone for only the second time along its 15.10-mile route between Glasgow and the Maryland state line. This will change with construction of the Middletown bypass toll road, that will tie directly into the four-lane alignment in Kent County, Maryland. Photo taken 01/02/08.
U.S. 301 (Middletown Warwick Road) prepares to widen from two to four lanes as it nears the Maryland state line south of Warwick. The rumble strip that accompanies the double yellow lines of U.S. 301 end here. Photo taken 01/02/08.
A pavement change and the transition from a two-lane roadway into a four-lane divided highway represents the state line as U.S. 301 enters southeast Cecil County, Maryland. The four-lane expressway carries U.S. 301 southwest to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (U.S. 50) and the city of Annapolis. Photo taken 01/02/08.


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