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Interstate 64 West - Green Sulphur Springs to Beckley

Interstate 64 Westbound
Interstate 64 travels west four miles from Green Sulphur Springs to New River Gorge and the settlement of Sandstone. West Virginia 20 parallels to the north. Photos taken 06/17/05.
Use Exit 139 for the New River Gorge National River visitor center along West Virginia State Secondary 7 north. The park area covers the New River southward from Fayetteville to Hinton. Photo taken 06/17/05.
West Virginia 20 passes underneath Interstate 64 just east of the Exit 139 folded-diamond interchange with West Virginia State Secondary 7. The state highway turns sound along New River Gorge from the Exit 139 area ten miles to the Summers County seat of Hinton. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Portions of the hillsides adjacent to Interstate 64 are terraced. The freeway draws to within one mile of the Exit 139 off-ramp to West Virginia 20 at Sandstone. Sandstone entails a small settlement along the New River south of Interstate 64. Photos taken 06/17/05.
Interstate 64 lowers into the Exit 139 interchange with West Virginia State Secondary 7 at West Virginia 20 and Sandstone. West Virginia 20 and the parallel CSX Railroad line head south to Brooks and Hinton (junction West Virginia 3). Beyond Hinton, West Virginia 20 continues to the Bluestone National Scenic River, Athens, and Princeton. Photos taken 06/17/05.
Interstate 64 spans the New River via the Mary Draper Ingles Bridge west of Sandstone. Westbound traffic enters the New River Gorge National River area with a brief parallel alignment along the west banks of the river. Read about Mary Draper Ingles here. Photos taken 06/17/05.
Westbound drivers ascend from New River Gorge toward the settlement of Bragg and junction West Virginia State Secondary 27 (Exit 133). State Secondary 27 (Pluto Road) joins the freeway with Cloverdale Road to the north and River Road to the south. Photos taken 06/17/05.

A folded-diamond interchange facilitates the movements between Interstate 64 and West Virginia State Secondary 27 (Pluto Road) at Exit 133. Bragg lies 0.9 miles north at junction West Virginia State Secondary 24 (Flatwood Road). Photo taken 06/17/05.
Westbound Interstate 64 at the Exit 133 loop ramp to West Virginia State Secondary 27 (Pluto Road). Pluto Road snakes its way southwestward from the freeway eight miles to Pluto and ten miles to junction West Virginia 3 near Shady Spring. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Reassurance marker posted at the West Virginia State Secondary 27/10 (Cloverdale Road) overpass. Cloverdale Road parallels Interstate 64 west 2.8 miles to a dead end. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Drawing to within 14 miles of Beckley, Interstate 64 nears meets Grandview Road at the settlement of Beaver. Photo taken 06/17/05.
West Virginia State Secondary 9 (Grandview Road) links Interstate 64 (Exit 129) with West Virginia 309 east of Beaver. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Interests to the Grandview area of the New River Gorge National River should use West Virginia State Secondary 9 (Grandview Road) northbound five miles to its end. Photo taken 06/17/05.
0.75 miles east of the Exit 129 partial-cloverleaf interchange with West Virginia State Secondary 9 (Grandview Road). Grandview Road becomes part of West Virginia 307 south from Beaver to Little Beaver State Park and junction U.S. 19 & West Virginia 3. Photo taken 06/17/05.
West Virginia 307 consists of a 8.3 mile loop east from Beaver to West Virginia State Secondary 9 near Exit 129 and south to U.S. 19 & West Virginia 3 midway between Daniels and Shady Spring. Photo taken 06/17/05.
A close look at an Interstate 64 West Virginia reassurance shield posted after the Exit 129 on-ramp from Grandview Road. West Virginia uses a mixture of state-named and neutered shields. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Next in line for westbound motorists is the six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 125) with West Virginia State Secondary 9/9, north of junction West Virginia 307. Photo taken 06/17/05.
One mile out from the Exit 1255 off-ramp to West Virginia State Secondary 9/9 (Airport Road) on Interstate 64 west. Airport Road joins West Virginia 307 and the freeway with Beckley-Raleigh County Memorial Airport and its associated industrial park. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Interstate 64 enters the Beckley area and sees this sign bridge for Exits 125 and 124 (East Beckley Bypass to U.S. 19). There is no direct access to U.S. 19 from the freeway, but the East Beckley Bypass provides a high-speed route to the federal highway from Exit 124. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Exit 125 leaves Interstate 64 westbound for West Virginia State Secondary 9/9 (Airport Road). West Virginia 307 ties into Airport Road nearby, midway between Grandview Road and Beaver (junction U.S. 19 & West Virginia 3). Photo taken 06/17/05.
This Beckley Exits sign lists the distances to Exit 124 (East Beckley Bypass) and the first two interchanges of Interstate 64 west & 77 north beyond their merge. Photo taken 06/17/05.
U.S. 19 splits with West Virginia 3 (Fayette Street) north of Beaver for Eisenhower Drive through eastern reaches of the city. Fayette Street carries the state highway through East Beckley to 2nd Street and junction West Virginia 16 (Robert C. Byrd Drive). West Virginia 210 (Kanawha Street) serves downtown from U.S. 19 via Johnstown Road north of the East Beckley Bypass (Exit 124). Photo taken 06/17/05.
Interstate 64 bypasses Beckley well south of the city between Exits 124 and junction Interstate 77 (West Virginia Turnpike). A last exit before toll overhead lies one half mile east of the Exit 124 trumpet interchange with the East Beckley Bypass, however drivers using the West Virginia Turnpike north to Exit 42 (West Virginia 16) do not have to pay a toll. Photo taken 06/17/05.
A third lane gained from Airport Road (Exit 125) defaults onto the Exit 124 off-ramp to the East Beckley Bypass north. The East Beckley Bypass provides an alternate route of U.S. 19 (Eisenhower Drive) through the city of Beckley. Providing between four and five lanes and controlled access, the corridor begins at Interstate 64 and ends at U.S. 19 north of Skelton. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Drivers bound for Beckley and U.S. 19 (Eisenhower Drive) part ways with Interstate 64 westbound at Exit 124. U.S. 19 follows Eisenhower Drive northward to Prosperity and the expressway alignment (Mountaineer Expressway) leading north to Mt. Hope. U.S. 19 northward from Beckley is part of Appalachian Regional Development Corridor L. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Interstate 64 west sinks toward the crossing of Beaver Creek and U.S. 19 near Glen Morgan and Beaver. Beckley is again referenced on the next mileage sign for the Exit 42 interchange north of the Interstate 64 & 77 merge. Photos taken 06/17/05.
Westbound reassurance shield and Interstate 77 trailblazer posted at the Tank Branch Road under crossing. Interstate 64 south of Beckley opened in 1987. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Two miles east of the Exit 121 directional interchange with Interstate 77 (West Virginia Turnpike). Interstate 77 skims the Beckley area to the west at Mabscott. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Large diagrammatical overhead for Exit 121 (Interstate 77 south) and the Interstate 64 westbound merge with Interstate 77 north. Interstate 64 & 77 share 61.5 miles between the Beckley area and Charleston. The tandem ride out the remainder of the West Virginia Turnpike northbound. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Welcome to the West Virginia Turnpike sign posted on the final curve before Interstate 64 joins Interstate 77. Interstate 77 follows the West Virginia Turnpike southward from Exit 40 (the merge) to Exit 9 (junction U.S. 460). Photo taken 06/17/05.
Interests to Beckley are provided with three additional interchanges along Interstate 64 west & 77 north; Princeton lies 32 miles southward via U.S. 460 west from Exit 9. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Two lane ramps facilitate the movements to both directions of the West Virginia Turnpike. Tolls are collected in both directions, however drivers departing Interstate 64 west & 77 north for West Virginia 16 may use the turnpike for free. Photo taken 06/17/05.
West Virginia State Secondary 19/41 passes over Interstate 64 at the partition of ramps to Interstate 77. Interstate 77 south continues 12 miles to Ghent and 42 miles to Bluefield (via U.S. 52); Interstate 64 west & 77 north part ways with the U.S. 19 corridor at Exit 48 and merge with the U.S. 60 corridor at Exit 96, the turnpike's north end. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Upcoming exits sign listing the distances to West Virginia 16 (Exit 42), West Virginia 3 (Exit 44), and the U.S. 19 connector (Exit 48). The sign does not reference Tamarack (Exit 45) because it predates its construction. Photo taken 06/17/05.
The first set of Interstate 64 west & 77 north shields posted along their shared alignment. Photo taken 06/17/05.

Photo Credits:
2005-06-17 by AARoads

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