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U.S. 40 (National Road) eastbound at the Exit 5 folded-diamond interchange with Interstate 70 at Elm Grove. U.S. 40 splits with West Virginia 88 nearby and continues east into Triadelphia. Interstate 70 splits with Interstate 470 west nearby at Exit 5A. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Interstate 70 & 470 guide sign posted at the westbound on-ramp from U.S. 40 (National Road) eastbound. The control city features is Columbus as the on-ramp resides wholey within the Wheeling city limits. Interstate 470 branches south from Interstate 70 neaby to carry through traffic to Columbus, Ohio. Interstate 70 meanwhile turns northwest toward downtown Wheeling. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Interstate 70 & 470 West Virginia shields direct U.S. 40 eastbound motorists onto the westbound on-ramp ahead of Interstate 70 & 470 split at Exit 5A. The National Road continues east into Triadelphia ahead and next interchanges with Interstate 70 near Claysville at Pennsylvania Exit 6. Photo taken 10/15/04.

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