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Indiana 933

The pathway of Indiana 933 has gone through numerous designations through the years, but the most recent one was U.S. 33, which used to stretch from St. Joseph, Michigan south through Niles and into South Bend before heading east toward Mishawaka and Elkhart. In April 1988, U.S. 33 was decommissioned to its current northern terminus at the St. Joseph Valley Parkway (U.S. 20) in Elkhart. Indiana 933 was designated as a "business route" for the former U.S. 33 within St. Joseph and Elkhart Counties. The Elkhart County section has been returned to local authorities while the St. Joseph segment continues to be maintained by INDOT to this day. The highway follows the route of former U.S. 31 and Business U.S. 31 from the Michigan state line south to Downtown South Bend where it follows the path of the Lincoln Highway east through Mishawaka and Osceola. The highway simply ends at the county line with St. Joseph and Elkhart Counties. Despite its L-shaped nature, the highway is classified as a north-south highway throughout.

Indiana 933 south
We begin at the Indiana state line as Indiana 933 enters St. Joseph County (population 266,931) at State Line Road. The highway remains a four-lane highway as it crosses into Indiana and carries the original routing of U.S. 31 from the city of Niles to the north toward Fort Wayne. Photo taken 04/10/10.
Indiana 933 heads south along the original routing of U.S 31 across Clay Township to the north of South Bend. Photo taken 04/10/10.
We pick up Indiana 933 in the small town of Roseland to the south of the overpasses carrying the Indiana Toll Road. The access road onto the toll road is a mile to the south of the actual highway on the south side of Roseland. Several hotels and restaurants line the highway to serve traffic that get off the Toll Road to reach Downtown South Bend or the University of Notre Dame. Photo taken 04/10/10.
Now a quarter mile away from the access ramp onto the Indiana Toll Road, which has the longest interstates in the United States, Interstate 80 and Interstate 90. The interstates are multiplexed as part of the 156-mile Indiana Toll Road. Interstates 80 and 90 head west to Michigan City, Gary and Chicago and east to Elkhart, Angola and Toledo with their split at Elyria and Cleveland, Ohio. Nationally, both highways travel across the length of the country from San Francisco and Seattle to the west to New York City and Boston to the east. Photo taken 04/10/10.
A stoplight intersection marks the point where traffic enters and leaves the Indiana Toll Road (Interstates 80 & 90) via a set of toll booths. Traffic entering the Toll Road receives a ticket while those getting off pay at a booth based on their distance traveled along the toll road. The access ramp goes along the west side of Roseland, whose presence is the reason for the long ramp in the first place. The ramp is the most direct access point from the Toll Road to the University of Notre Dame and Downtown South Bend. Photo taken 04/10/10.
Looking south at the intersection with Douglas Road. The world famous University of Notre Dame lies to the east, south of Douglas Road, as Indiana 933 forms the western boundary of the Catholic university that is best known for its college football program. St. Mary's College and Holy Cross College are on the west side of the highway (to the right) on the other side of Indiana 933 opposite Notre Dame. Photo taken 04/10/10.
South of the Notre Dame campus and the intersection with Angela Boulevard, Indiana 933 (called Michigan Street in South Bend) goes underneath a former railroad bridge that now carries the East Bank Trail over it. Indiana 933 becomes a four-lane urban street as it goes closer toward Downtown South Bend. Photo taken 04/10/10.

Indiana 933 reaches the intersection with North Shore Drive as it crosses over a bridge that was built as part of the City Beautiful movement in 1914 over the St. Joseph River. Prior to the construction of the U.S. 31 bypass to the west, U.S. 31 was routed over the bridge. Photo taken 04/10/10.
South of the crossing over the St. Joseph River, Indiana 933 (Michigan Street) approaches Downtown South Bend as approaches a skyway that connects two parts of Memorial Hospital. Photo taken 04/10/10.
South of Memorial Hospital, Indiana 933 splits into a pair of one way streets as it enters Downtown South Bend. Indiana 933 south will follow Main Street while the northbound lanes follow St. Joseph and Michigan Streets. A Business U.S. 31 shield resides next to an Indiana 933 marker as the highway splits. As with any business route in Indiana, the designation is local. Photo taken 04/10/10.
Indiana 933 (Main Street) nears the intersection with LaSalle Avenue. LaSalle Avenue once carried the path of former U.S. 20 from the northwest along Lincolnway to the east from Downtown South Bend. Despite the decommissioning of U.S. 20 across South Bend, shields can still be found in Downtown South Bend. Photo taken 04/10/10. Second photo taken 03/09/09.
Indiana 933 (Main Street) passes through Downtown South Bend and South Street before going underneath a railroad overpass. Photo taken 03/09/09.
Indiana 933 (Main Street) nears the intersection with Indiana 23 (Sample Street). Indiana 23 goes for 51 miles from Indiana 10 in southeastern Starke County and runs through Walkerton, North Liberty and South Bend before crossing over into Michigan near Granger. In South Bend, the highway follows Prairie Avenue from the southwest to Sample Street. Photo taken 03/09/09.
Indiana 23 north & 933 south
Heading east on Indiana 933/Indiana 23 north (Sample Street) at the stoplight with Michigan Street. Michigan Street carries the northbound lanes for Business U.S. 31 as well as Indiana 933 north back into Downtown South Bend. Photo taken 04/10/10.
Looking east along Indiana 933/Indiana 23 north (Sample Street) to the east of the intersection with Michigan Street. Photo taken 04/10/10.
Passing underneath the same set of railroad tracks as they did earlier, Indiana 933 will turn off toward the right onto Lincolnway East. A button copy sign announces the control city of Mishawaka for Indiana 933 south. Past the railroad overpass, Sample Street carries Indiana 933 south toward the east while Eddy Street carries Indiana 23 north across the St. Joseph River. Photo taken 04/10/10.
Indiana 933 south
Indiana 933 east (Sample Street) enters the intersection with Lincolnway East. Lincolnway East heads toward the northwest toward Downtown South Bend while Sample Street continues across the St. Joseph River. Indiana 933 turns southeast onto Lincolnway East along the south side of the St. Joseph River. Photo taken 04/10/10.
Indiana 933 south (Lincolnway East) goes underneath the Grand Western Trunk Railway overpass as it heads southeast out of the city of South Bend. Photo taken 04/10/10.
A view of Indiana 933 (Lincolnway East) as it follows the edge of the St. Joseph River on the east side of South Bend. Photo taken 04/10/10.
Indiana 933 (Lincolnway East) enters a commercial zone as it passes by nears the intersection with Ironwood Drive to the south of the campus of Indiana University-South Bend. Photo taken 04/10/10.
East of the Ironwood Drive intersection, Indiana 933 (Lincolnway West) enters the city of Mishawaka (population 48,252). Photo taken 04/10/10.
In Mishawaka, Indiana 933 (Lincolnway West) approaches the intersection with Russell Avenue. Photo taken 04/10/10.
Indiana 933 (Lincolnway West) heads east from Russell Avenue into the older part of the city of Mishawaka. Photos taken 04/10/10.
Indiana 933 (Lincolnway West) passes by the intersection of Center Street as the highway enters Downtown Mishawaka. Photo taken 04/10/10.
Entering a business district anchored by the intersection of Indiana 933 (Lincolnway) and Main Street. Pictured here is the approach to Hill and Spring Streets. Photo taken 04/10/10.
Eastbound Indiana 933 (Lincolnway) crosses the intersection with Hill Street ahead of the traffic light iwth Main Street. Photo taken 04/10/10.
East of Downtown Mishawaka, Indiana 933 (Lincolnway East) is reduced to two lanes. The highway continues east across the east side neighborhood. Photo taken 05/30/10.
Indiana 933 (Lincolnway East) approaches the intersection with Indiana 331 (Capital Avenue). Indiana 331 is a 35-mile highway that begins at Indiana 110 near Tippecanoe and heads north through Bourbon, Bourbon and Mishawaka before ending at Indiana 23 near Granger. The stretch from Indiana 933 (Lincolnway East) is a four-lane expressway north to the Indiana Toll Road (Interstate 80/Interstate 90) and Indiana 23 in Granger, with plans on being expanded to four lanes south to the St. Joseph Valley Parkway (U.S. 20). Photo taken 05/30/10.
East of Indiana 331 (Capital Avenue), Indiana 933 (Lincolnway East) goes back to four lanes as it heads through the far east side of Mishawaka. Photos taken 05/30/10.
Indiana 933 (Lincolnway East) approaches the intersection with Bittersweet Road, which leads north toward Penn High School. Photo taken 05/30/10.
The final few miles of Indiana 933 (Lincolnway East) goes through the town of Osceola (population 2,463) before it leaves St. Joseph County. On the county line at the intersection with Ash Road, Indiana 933 officially ends. Photos taken 05/30/10.

Photo Credits:
2009-03-09, 2010-04-10, 2010-05-30 by Thomas Decker

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