Interstate 81 North - Broome County

05/11/05 & 07/01/05 photos taken by Alex Nitzman.

Interstate 81 North
Entering Broome County, New York along Interstate 81 northbound. A truck inspection station lies just across the state line. Photos taken 07/01/05.
1.5 miles north of the weigh station is a tourist information center and rest area for Interstate 81 northbound travelers. Photo taken 07/01/05.
Binghamton is just nine miles north of Pennsylvania. Syracuse follows in 78 miles. Photo taken 07/01/05.
A northbound-only rest area resides along Interstate 81 after the Gorman Road underpass within the town of Kirkwood. Photo taken 07/01/05.
The first New York State exit connects Interstate 81 with Cedarhurst Road and Broome County 20 west at Kirkwood. Photo taken 07/01/05.
Exit 1 consists of a diamond interchange with Cedarhurst Road and Broome County 20 west. Broome County 20 constitutes a two-lane controlled-access route west to junction U.S. 11 at Kirkwood and junction New York 7 at Conklin. Broome County Parkway continues the route northwest from Conklin to Broome Corporate Park. Photo taken 07/01/05.
Interstate 81 ventures five miles north from Kirkwood into Binghamton. U.S. 11 and the Susquehanna River remain close by to the west. Photos taken 07/01/05.

Interstate 81 north merges with New York 17 west at Fivemile Point. The freeway enters the Binghamton area from West Windsor with Interstate 86. Photo taken 07/01/05.
Exit 2E leaves Interstate 81 north for Interstate 86 & New York 17 east. Interstate 86 was designated along the freeway east to the Delaware County line in December 2006. The remainder of the freeway/expressway carries New York 17 east to Middletown and Interstate 87 north of New York City. Photo taken 07/01/05.
A cloverleaf interchange joins the New York 17 freeway ahead of its end at junction U.S. 11. Directional ramps carry New York 17 west onto Interstate 81 north ahead. Photo taken 07/01/05.
Exit 2W loops onto the New York 17 freeway west to U.S. 11 at Kirkwood Center near Kirkwood Industrial Park. This is the first of three exits serving the city of Binghamton, as U.S. 11 follows Court Street west along the Susquehanna. Photo taken 07/01/05.
Interstate 81 north / junction New York 17 west shield assembly posted ahead of the ramps to/from New York 17 & Interstate 86. Photo taken 07/01/05.
Interstate 81 north & New York 17 north expand to three overall lanes between Interstate 86 and the city of Binghamton. The two routes share 4.41 miles of freeway. Photos taken 07/01/05.
The next exit connects Interstate 81 north & New York 17 west with Broad Avenue in the city of Binghamton. Broad Avenue travels north from U.S. 11 (Court Street) and the Susquehanna to Broome County 145 (Bevier Street). Photo taken 07/01/05.
A half-diamond interchange (Exit 3) joins Interstate 81 north & New York 17 west with Broad Avenue. Photo taken 07/01/05.
Interstate 81 north & New York 17 prepare to enter a full-cloverleaf interchange with New York 7 just west of the Broad Avenue off-ramp. A viaduct carries the freeway over a railroad yard beyond Broad Avenue. Photo taken 07/01/05.
Collector/distributor roadways facilitate the movements to New York 7, a north-south expressway between New York 363 and Interstate 88, from Interstate 81 & New York 17 at Exits 4N/S. Photo taken 07/01/05.
Exit 4N departs the c/d roadway for New York 7 north to Hillcrest and Port Dickinson (junction Interstate 88 east). Photo taken 07/01/05.
Exit 4S loops onto New York 7 south ahead of its expressway split with New York 363. New York 363 continues the expressway west to New York 434 and downtown Binghamton; New York 7 follows Brandywine Avenue south to U.S. 11 (Court Street) and the Tompkins Street bridge to Conklin Avenue. Photo taken 07/01/05.
Interstate 81 north & New York 17 west near their split at a tri-level stack interchange over the Chenango River and U.S. 11 (Front Street). Interstate 81 turns northward along the Chenango to the eastbound beginning of Interstate 88. New York 17 continues west along the future Interstate 86 corridor to Johnson City. Photo taken 07/01/05.
Westbound at the partition of Interstate 81 north to Syracuse and New York 17 west to Owego and Elmira. Interstate 86 begins at Elmira and follows New York 17 west to Corning and Jamestown. Photo taken 07/01/05.
Interstate 81 north to Interstate 88 east lead drivers to Chenango Bridge and Albany. New York 17 west continues to Endicott. Photo taken 07/01/05.
Heading north from the folded-diamond interchange with U.S. 11 (Front Street), Interstate 81 expands to eight overall lanes through to the split with Interstate 88 east. Photo taken 05/11/05.
Interstate 88 begins at an unnumbered directional interchange and heads east across the Chenango River to Chenango Bridge, Oneonta, and Interstate 90 (New York Thruway) near Schenectady. Photo taken 05/11/05.
Northbound at the split with Interstate 88 east near Nimmonsburg. Interstate 88 travels 117.75 miles to the Albany area. The freeway was completed by 1988. Photo taken 05/11/05.
A parting shot of the Exit 6 guide sign for U.S. 11 (Front Street) at Hinmans Corners. U.S. 11 follows Front Street to junction New York 12 at Chenango Bridge; New York 12 begins its 222.47-mile journey to New York 37 at Morristown. Photo taken 05/11/05.

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